2023 Year In Review: Top Talisen Highlights

As 2024 swiftly approaches, we at Talisen Construction can’t help but reflect on another metamorphic year of outstanding projects, talented team members, meaningful community initiatives, and a relentless commitment to innovation. Join us as we revisit Talisen’s greatest highlights of 2023 in four key areas: Projects, People, Community, and Innovation.

Project Highlights

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School’s 272 Macon Street Renovation

When repeat client Brooklyn Prospect Charter School called on Talisen for an $8.5 million, 45,000 square foot, three-story renovation project for its International Elementary School at 272 Macon Street in Brooklyn, we immediately stepped up to the plate.

Collaborating with owner’s representative DBI Projects and architectural firm Loci Architecture, the venture breathed new life into a former Catholic school in the heart of the historic Bedford Stuyvesant Heights district. The scope of work included:

  • Revitalized classrooms
  • Vibrant recreational spaces to encourage creativity and physical activity
  • Modern administrative areas for efficient school operations
  • Enhanced accessibility with a new four-story elevator
  • An upgraded HVAC system for improved climate control
  • A brand new rooftop playground 

Talisen’s dedication to fostering a holistic learning experience is evident in every detail of the project, ensuring an exceptional and conducive learning environment tailored for the International Elementary School community. This project’s successful completion underscores Talisen’s unwavering ambition and commitment to collaboration and educational distinction within New York City’s charter school sector.

Midwood Investment & Development’s 96 Spring Street Expansion

Collaborating with Montroy DeMarco Architecture LLP, Talisen undertook an impressive corporate interior expansion for Midwood Investment & Development at its 96 Spring Street office space. The project scope included the installation of a new staircase to establish a seamless connection between the fifth and sixth floors and a comprehensive buildout of the sixth floor, complete with executive offices, a modern bullpen, high-end flooring, exquisite lighting, and upgraded MEPs. 

Renowned for its expertise in real estate development and investment ventures, Midwood Investment & Development has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and superior quality across various sectors. Talisen is proud to have delivered a finished product that reflects Midwood’s core values and underscores Talisen’s proficiency in delivering exceptional workspace transformations.

F5 Networks’ Corporate Interior Renovation

In collaboration with esteemed architectural firm Kahn Architecture & Design P.C. and proficient project engineers MG Engineering D.P.C., Talisen successfully executed a corporate interior project for F5 Networks at 600 Lexington Avenue. This project involved relocating F5 Networks’ offices from the fifth floor to the fourth floor, undertaking a comprehensive overhaul of the space, and implementing meticulous upgrades to MEPs, flooring, ceilings, and lighting. Talisen seamlessly coordinated the office relocation, ensuring minimal disruptions to F5 Networks’ operations during the relocation. The subsequent space renovation – including cutting-edge MEP upgrades, upgraded flooring, ceilings, and lighting – resulted in a modern and inspiring workspace.

The transformative project also included the creation of contemporary meeting spaces such as a state-of-the-art boardroom, focus rooms, common areas, and conference rooms. Each space was tailored to meet F5 Networks’ distinct requirements, equipped with advanced technology and superior acoustics to facilitate seamless collaboration and communication among their teams. Talisen is proud to report that F5 Networks’ renovated workspace now reflects a synergy of artistic vision, technical prowess, and efficient execution that embodies the client’s corporate culture.

600 Community Drive Parking Lot Expansion

In the latter half of 2023, Talisen was entrusted by Northwell Health, another valued repeat client, to lead a significant project: the expansion of the parking lot at its prominent 600 Community Drive facility in Manhasset, Long Island. 

Beyond the parking lot expansion, Talisen undertook a holistic transformation of the property, completely overhauling the landscaping to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the front entryway underwent a sophisticated makeover complete with custom lighting installations, while the side entrance received renovations to ensure a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design. This multifaceted project not only expanded the parking facilities but also demonstrates our team’s adaptability in addressing diverse client needs, showcasing Talisen’s ability to provide tailored solutions that go beyond conventional expectations.


A Warm Welcome to Our New Team Members

Embracing fresh perspectives and fostering a culture of innovation has been a foundational element in Talisen’s ongoing success story. In 2023, Talisen continued its success by embracing several new team members, each with their own diverse skills and expertise. These professionals exemplify Talisen’s commitment to excellence and play a crucial role in our organization’s growth and triumphs. Welcome to the Talisen team:

Talisen’s Director of Construction

Michael Figliolia, Director of Construction, Talisen Construction

Michael Figliolia, Director of Construction

As Talisen continues to evolve and innovate, our infusion of new talent serves as a catalyst for pushing boundaries and achieving new heights of success. Building upon this momentum of growth and innovation, it is equally inspiring to witness the advancement of seasoned team members into new roles within our firm. 

In 2023, Talisen welcomed Michael Figliolia into his new role as Director of Construction. Previously, Michael had spent a decade as a leading Field Superintendent for key clients of Talisen such as Google, Pratt Institute, Northwell Health, and NYU Langone. In his new position, Michael works closely with Talisen’s Business Unit Directors, Project Managers, Field Superintendents, and Director of Pre-construction, overseeing the management, standardization, enhancement, and evaluation of Talisen’s construction capabilities.

His primary focus is ensuring that the quality and timeliness of each construction project align seamlessly with client expectations. In addition to these core responsibilities, Michael is tasked with crucial duties such as maintaining strong relationships with clients and subcontractors, implementing field process quality control, conducting job site overviews, driving continuous improvement in the build process, and more. 

Talisen takes great pride in highlighting Michael’s outstanding performance in his new role and eagerly anticipates the valuable contributions he will continue to make in the years ahead.

Highlighting Women in Construction

In a world where women constitute only 10.9% of the construction workforce, our industry has been slow to embrace gender diversity. As Talisen navigated the second half of 2023, we reflected on the progress made and the challenges women still face in this traditionally male-dominated domain.

Acknowledging the experiences of Talisen’s team members, it is pertinent to shed light on the invaluable perspectives of our female colleagues who play integral roles in shaping Talisen’s vibrant tapestry. In 2023, we had the privilege of engaging in enlightening interviews with our female team members as they provided insight into their unique journeys and accomplishments, detailed obstacles they’ve faced within the industry, and shared advice for aspiring women in the field.

As a company committed to gender diversity, Talisen Construction acknowledges the progress made while recognizing that additional strides are still needed. Our collaboration with Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) underscores this commitment as we encourage all women interested in construction to believe in themselves, take the leap, and contribute to breaking down barriers in the industry.

Community Initiatives

On Sunday, September 10, 2023, Team Talisen participated in the annual Bike to the Beach event for our eighth consecutive year. Tackling a challenging 100-mile journey from Manhattan to the Hamptons, Talisen not only raised awareness for autism but also raised over $40,000 in support of individuals and families affected by ASD. This commitment exemplifies the impact of collective action in fostering positive change and demonstrates Talisen’s devotion to our community beyond construction projects, showcasing the unity, determination, and generosity that define Team Talisen. 

Thank you once again to all those who helped make a lasting difference in the lives of others through their contributions to this amazing cause.


Building Innovative Spaces

Dedicated to pioneering within our industry, innovation isn’t just a choice for Talisen Construction, it is at the core of our ethos– a guiding principle that shapes our construction approach. In 2023, we continued to focus on building innovative spaces that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of construction trends and technologies ensures that our projects are not simply structures but living, breathing spaces that endure, inspire, and educate professionals in our field.

In line with the growing prevalence of artificial intelligence, our leadership in utilizing innovative construction tools and technologies stands out. In 2023, Talisen actively sought and incorporated cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and overall project quality. Embracing these tools has allowed us to streamline processes and contribute to the industry’s evolution, which you can learn more about here

Subcontractor Engagement Process

Earlier this year, Talisen presented a deep dive into our innovative subcontractor engagement process as part of our dedication to transparency and efficiency. To recap, Talisen Construction distinguishes itself in NYC’s construction arena with a subcontractor engagement process that spans the entire project lifecycle. This commitment starts in the bidding phase, where our Director of Pre-Construction and Project Managers employ a sophisticated Vendor Management App, using statistical data for subcontractor selection. The data-driven approach, coupled with SmartBid, ensures competitive bids and quality outcomes.

Transitioning to the building phase, our focus on efficient subcontractor engagement includes weekly meetings, submittal log management, and on-site foreman check-ins for seamless communication and schedule adherence, with Procore enhancing real-time updates and communication throughout construction.

In the post-construction phase, Talisen maintains its commitment, coordinating project close-out documents and debrief sessions through our Vendor Management App, which allows subcontractors to request meetings with our leadership for feedback and improvement opportunities.

Beyond projects, Talisen fosters subcontractor community engagement through initiatives like volunteer work and events like Bike to the Beach, enhancing relationships and collective impact.

Talisen Construction’s commitment to subcontractor engagement sets us apart as a leader in NYC’s commercial general contracting, ensuring excellence, innovation, and unparalleled project outcomes.

2023 Wrap-Up

As we celebrate another year at Talisen Construction, we’d like to express gratitude to our clients, team members, and community partners for their trust and collaboration. Looking ahead, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of construction excellence, creating spaces that inspire and endure. Cheers to another year of innovation, growth, and impactful construction solutions!