Brooklyn Prospect Charter School - International Elementary School at 272 Macon St. Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School – 272 Macon Street

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Brooklyn Prospect Charter School – 272 Macon Street

When it came time for Brooklyn Prospect Charter School’s International Elementary School to relocate from its downtown Brooklyn location to the historic enclave of Bedford-Stuyvesant at 272 Macon Street, repeat client BPCS entrusted Talisen Construction to get the job done right.

In a collaborative effort, we partnered with owner’s representative DBI Projects and architectural firm Loci Architecture to bring to fruition this remarkable transformation. The ambitious $8.5 million, 50,000+ square foot, three-story renovation project breathed new life into a former Catholic school nestled in the heart of Bed-Stuy’s illustrious Stuyvesant Heights district.

The Build

Our dedicated team enthusiastically embraced the revitalization and modernization of this historically significant space with the overarching goal of fashioning an exceptional and conducive learning environment tailored specifically for the International Elementary School community.

What We Did

Our comprehensive scope of work encompassed several critical aspects of the project:

Classroom Revitalization

We undertook a meticulous process to renovate and rejuvenate the classrooms. The result was the creation of cutting-edge learning facilities that set the stage for academic excellence. Each classroom was carefully designed and upgraded to provide students with an inspiring environment for their educational journey.

Vibrant Recreational Spaces

In recognition of the importance of a well-rounded education, we dedicated our efforts to crafting dynamic recreational spaces. These areas were thoughtfully designed to encourage creativity and promote physical activity among students. From innovative play zones to areas that inspire exploration, our commitment to fostering a holistic learning experience shines through in every detail.

Modern Administrative Areas

Efficient school operations are the backbone of any successful educational institution. To support this, we implemented new administrative areas within the building. These spaces were purposefully designed to facilitate the school’s daily activities, ensuring that administrative tasks could be carried out seamlessly and without interruption.

Enhanced Accessibility

Accessibility is a fundamental requirement in any educational facility. We addressed this crucial aspect by installing a brand-new four-story elevator. This addition not only meets compliance standards but also ensures that all students, staff, and visitors can navigate the building comfortably and inclusively.

HVAC System Upgrade

We upgraded the existing HVAC system, which involved the installation of three new condensing units on the roof. These units enhance climate control, creating a more comfortable and energy-efficient space for the International Elementary School community.

About Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School (BPCS) serves as a shining example of pioneering educational practices and outstanding achievements. Founded in 2009, BPCS has taken a distinct path in the realm of education, prioritizing not just academic rigor but also the cultivation of versatile individuals equipped with the essential skills and values required for success in an ever-changing world. Operating across various campuses in Brooklyn, BPCS has become an integral part of the community, embracing diversity and fostering a spirit of global citizenship.

Talisen’s Commitment to Excellence

The successful completion of this renovation for Brooklyn Prospect Charter School is a testament to Talisen Construction’s unwavering ambition and commitment to collaboration and educational excellence within New York City’s charter school sector. This project stands as a shining example of our dedication to transforming historic spaces into modern learning environments, and we are proud to have played a part in the continued success of Brooklyn Prospect Charter School. We look forward to many more opportunities to contribute to the BPCS’s growth and the development of educational institutions across our great city.




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