Autism Awareness: Creating Lasting Impact

Every April, communities nationwide come together to support individuals with autism during National Autism Awareness Month. This month-long observance is vital for fostering greater understanding and acceptance of those on the spectrum and emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis, intervention, and support services for those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Throughout the month, organizations and individuals work tirelessly to raise awareness about the diverse experiences of those living with autism, debunking common misconceptions and advocating for better resources. By participating, people from all walks of life can be part of the mission to create a more inclusive and accepting world for those with autism.

Given that our CEO Joseph Rigazio’s son, John, was diagnosed with ASD during his early childhood, serving the autism community by partnering with organizations that push for ASD awareness and research has always been a priority here at Talisen. As such, we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight a few community-based events, organizations, and institutions that are making a difference in the local autism community not only this month, but every month. Let’s take a look!

Bike to the Beach

In 2016, when Talisen learned of an annual 100-mile charity bike ride that raised funds and awareness for autism and developmental disabilities, we jumped at the opportunity to participate. This fall, on Sunday, September 10th, Team Talisen will ride the 100 miles from Manhattan to the Hamptons for the eighth consecutive year as a New York Corporate Sponsor for Bike to the Beach. The ride, which consists of routes ranging from 25-100 miles with rest stops peppered along the way, allows participants to challenge themselves while garnering support, awareness, and funds for the autism community.

Bike to the Beach benefits the ASD community in various ways, including providing resources for affected families and individuals through local organizations like Autism Society of Nassau/Suffolk, Yes She Can, and Flying Point Foundation for Autism. It also helps those on the spectrum reach their fullest potential by celebrating their unique gifts and talents alongside fellow riders and supporters. Learn more about the event and Talisen’s participation in a recorded interview with Bike to the Beach’s Operations and Development Director, Ben Dalley, here

The ADD Impact Network

The Add Impact network is a nationally structured and scaled platform that results from Bike to the Beach’s success in hosting charity cycling events for local non-profits. The network fosters connections across diverse sectors and regions, helping non-profits pool their resources, learn from one another, and work together towards common goals. Add Impact allows non-profits to connect, communicate, and collaborate on strategic initiatives that support the ASD and developmental disabilities communities and is a valuable resource for non-profit organizations looking to expand their reach and make a more significant difference in their communities. With the support of the Add Impact Network, these organizations can elevate their initiatives and create lasting, meaningful change in the lives of the individuals and communities they serve. If you’re part of a non-profit eager to engage with others and evolve, joining the Add Impact Network could be a powerful tool for amplifying your efforts and maximizing your impact. Learn more about the ADD Impact network here.

NYC Autism Charter Schools

One participating team that Team Talisen was exceptionally honored to ride alongside during our 2022 ride was NYC Autism Charter Schools (NYCACS), of which Talisen’s very own Director of Communications, Andrew Knox, is an Associate Board Member. NYCACS, which consists of campuses in East Harlem and the South Bronx, are the first and only public charter schools in New York State created to serve children profoundly impacted by autism and their families. Their staff works with a specific goal: to help their students acquire life skills that prepare them for adulthood and allow them to live independently and with as much dignity as possible. As a result, children attending their schools develop skills outside of traditional academics, such as personal hygiene, taking turns with others, and utilizing a shopping list to buy groceries.

Save the Date: NYCACS 2023 Spring Benefit

On April 27th from 6 pm – 8 pm, NYC Autism Charter Schools will be hosting its 2023 Spring Benefit event at Harlem School of the Arts at 645 St. Nicholas Avenue in Manhattan. In honor of National Autism Awareness Month and the ASD community, mark your calendars and come support an exceptional and impactful organization while enjoying a pop-up gallery of student photography, refreshments, networking opportunities, and raffles for exciting prizes!