Talisen Vendor Network

Vendor Resources

Talisen is adamant about valuing the contribution of all project team members. A huge part of this component refers to our vendor network. Talisen's Vendor Network platform is dedicated to transparent communications with our vendor network.

Subcontractor Requirements

Talisen’s subcontractors are required to adhere to all Talisen requirements regarding a Master Subcontractor Agreement (MSA), Insurance Certificates, and Vendor Qualification Form.


Our top priority at Talisen is keeping our job sites safe. Any issues or questions that you may have can be directed to Courtney Tighe, Talisen’s Project Compliance Manager, at ctighe@talisencorp.com. Please consult the safety manual as needed for our information on our policies and instructions on how to keep your site safe, every day. Reference the Safety Forms tab below for up to date information on our policies and practices.