Riding for a Purpose: Talisen’s Commitment to Bike to the Beach

Bringing Bikes & Hearts Together for Autism Advocacy

At Talisen Construction, we don’t just build structures; we build connections within our communities. One of the most impactful ways we do this is through our unwavering partnership with Bike to the Beach, a remarkable organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for autism research and support. As we gear up for our eighth consecutive year participating in this transformative event, let’s dive into what Bike to the Beach is all about, why it matters to us, and how it’s making a tangible difference in the autism community.

This year’s Bike to the Beach event takes place on Sunday, September 10, 2023. To join Team Talisen in our ride or make a contribution of any amount, please click here.

Pedaling with Purpose: Bike to the Beach

Bike to the Beach is not just a ride; it’s a movement. This annual event brings together cyclists, supporters, and autism advocates for a journey that spans more than miles alone. Through the ADD Impact Network, its non-profit beneficiary networking arm, Bike to the Beach is driving change and championing the autism community’s cause. The event’s primary purpose is to raise funds that directly support autism-related organizations, while also promoting awareness and understanding of autism spectrum disorders.

Talisen’s “Why”: A Personal Commitment to Change

Our Principal & CEO, Joseph Rigazio, shared his deeply personal connection to Bike to the Beach: “My son, John, was diagnosed with autism at age three. I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges and financial strains that raising an autistic child has on the family unit. I’ve also seen the difference Bike to the Beach makes in bringing public attention, funding, and devoted research to what is now the fastest-growing developmental disABILITY in the world, and I proudly pedal alongside this organization as it strives to make a difference in our children’s futures.”

Leadership Insights: A Chat with Talisen’s Finest

We caught up with Joseph Rigazio and our Director of Communications and “Team Talisen” Founder & Captain, Andrew Knox, for an exclusive interview about their involvement with Bike to the Beach:

1) Why do you participate in Bike to the Beach?

Joseph Rigazio: Bike to the Beach’s mission resonates with me on a deeply personal level. Being able to contribute to raising awareness and funds for the autism community is incredibly rewarding. It’s about more than just the ride; it’s about making a tangible and lasting impact.

Andrew Knox: I participate in Bike to the Beach because I’ve seen firsthand the difference they make in the community. It feels good to be part of that effort – and staying in shape for the ride doesn’t hurt either!

2) What has been the most enjoyable aspect of your previous rides?

Joseph Rigazio: I love the serene early morning start of the ride and the triumphant feeling of reaching the beach at the end.

Andrew Knox: Having completed eight consecutive B2B events, my favorite part is the finish line celebration, where everyone can enjoy their hard work and spend time together after the ride.

3) How are you preparing for this year’s ride?

Joseph Rigazio: I’m training solo this year, hitting the road to build up the stamina and excitement for the ride ahead.

Andrew Knox: I ride a Citibike six miles to and from work every day and get out on my road bike on the weekends to explore NYC!

4) Name one accessory you refuse to ride without.

Joseph Rigazio: My water bottle– riding 100 miles on a tandem bike makes you thirsty!

Andrew Knox: I’d have to say my phone. It helps me navigate and keep track of my riding stats.

5) If you could choose any celebrity to bike with at this year’s event, who would it be and why?

Joseph Rigazio: I’d love to ride alongside Geraldo Rivera. His charismatic personality and unique insights into current events would make for a memorable and entertaining ride. And, of course, it would double as a great opportunity to spread the message and impact of Bike to the Beach even further.

Andrew Knox: If I could choose any celebrity, it would be David Byrne. He’s a longtime NYC cycling advocate, and having him ride with us for Bike to the Beach would be an incredible endorsement of our mission. Plus, I enjoy listening to Talking Heads while cycling.

A Ride to Remember: Bike to the Beach 2023

This year’s Bike to the Beach event is set to take place on Sunday, September 10, 2023. We’re thrilled to announce that it marks Talisen’s eighth consecutive year participating in this exceptional event. The ride will commence from Battery Park in the early morning, guiding cyclists on a journey that concludes in the serene Hamptons. With riding options of 25, 50, and 100 miles, the event caters to cyclists of various abilities and preferences, uniting everyone under a common cause.

Turning Wheels into Change: Beneficiaries of Your Generosity

It’s important to highlight how Bike to the Beach donations are making a direct impact on the autism community. All contributions go towards supporting local and nationwide organizations committed to making a difference for families and individuals impacted by ASD, including Flying Point Foundation for Autism, YesSheCan Inc., Autism Society Nassau/Suffolk, NYC Autism Charter School, Nassau/Suffolk Services for Autism (NSSA), Quest Autism Programs, Inc., Ariella’s NY Friendship Circle, and more. These associations work tirelessly to provide crucial resources, awareness campaigns, education, and support to individuals and families affected by autism. 

As we pedal towards Bike to the Beach 2023, our commitment remains unshaken. Talisen Construction is honored to be a part of this inspiring journey, using our passion for construction to construct a better future for those with autism. Together, we’re building hope, awareness, and change, one pedal at a time.