Building Relationships for Better Builds: How Talisen’s Subcontractor Engagement Process Benefits Our Projects

As any NYC general contractor knows, the success of a project relies heavily on successful subcontractor engagement. At Talisen, taking the time to build strong relationships with all parties involved in a project is critical to ensuring that project’s success. By having an efficient and effective subcontractor engagement process in place, we ensure our subcontractors provide our clients with quality services while remaining competitive and staying within budget constraints. In this article, we’ll discuss how Talisen engages with subcontractors throughout the bidding, building, and post-construction phases of a project and how our subcontractor engagement process impacts the overall success of our projects. Let’s take a look!

The Bidding Phase

We take subcontractor engagement seriously here at Talisen Construction to ensure that each project is successful in terms of budget, timeline, and quality. As such, we’ve established a robust system for engaging with subcontractors throughout a build– and we’ve seen great success as a result. Here are some key elements of our subcontractor engagement process during the bidding phase of every project:

Vendor Management App & Statistical Data

During the bidding phase of a project, Talisen’s Director of Pre-Construction consults our Vendor Management App for statistical info on trades specific to that project, selecting subcontractors who have positive indicators for performing well on the pertinent details for the build.

Talisen's Vendor Management App: Trade View

 The Director of Pre-Construction reviews this information thoroughly with the APM, Project Manager, and Business Unit Director to gather further inputs from the team on subcontractor selection. As a result, we receive competitive bids from subcontractors and work with subcontractors who will deliver the highest quality outcome. The app also ensures that we are taking a fair and equitable approach to subcontractor selection. That’s because the application collects data on bid opportunities, bid response, and project win rates for each individual subcontractor in our system.

Engaging with subcontractors is an essential part of any construction project, which is why Talisen takes it so seriously during the bidding phase. Our commitment to open communication between subcontractors, clients, and our team ensures that everyone has access to the relevant information they need to make informed decisions throughout a project’s timeline. In addition, this systematic approach allows us to select subcontractors who will provide competitive bids and top-quality outcomes – creating excellent results from start to finish.

Once our project subcontractors have been selected, they will receive drawings and other information from our bidding tool, SmartBid.

SmartBid Platform 

Talisen’s subcontractor bidding process starts with SmartBid, an online platform that enables us to send out project information and drawings to subcontractors. SmartBid makes it easy for subcontractors to access the details they need to bid on the project and submit their bids via the platform. 

APMs & Subcontractor Site Walk-Throughs 

The bidding process is managed by Talisen’s assistant project managers (APMs), who call the subcontractors to explain vital information about the specific project at hand and answer first-level questions that arise along the way. The APMs also coordinate subcontractor site walk-throughs with our clients so that all parties can get an accurate picture of what needs to be done before construction begins.

The Building Phase

When it comes time for the actual construction portion of a project, the success of a build relies heavily on efficient subcontractor engagement. Talisen has developed several strategies to ensure smooth sailing, open communication, and trust between all parties involved, ensuring everyone is focused on achieving one common goal: exceeding client expectations. 

Weekly Meetings 

Each week on the job site, Talisen’s superintendents and project managers hold meetings with their subcontractors to review upcoming and current work. This critical step promotes clear communication and planning to phase the trades properly while adhering to the project schedule. During these meetings, subcontractors can ask questions and voice concerns to Talisen and the rest of the trades on the project. 

Submittal Log Management 

Talisen’s assistant project managers (APMs) are responsible for managing a Submittal Log, which ensures the design team approves each trade’s key materials for that project. Using the Submittal Log, subcontractors can propose materials based on what is specified in the architect’s drawings; Talisen then compiles all of this info into one comprehensive packet before sending it off to the architect for approval or adjustments. Once approved by the architect, Talisen releases it back to the subcontractor with permission to purchase materials necessary to complete their scope of work. 

On-Site Foreman Check-Ins 

During construction, Talisen’s superintendents consistently check in with each trade’s on-site foreman to address any concerns or questions that may arise. This layer of communication between Talisen and a project’s trades allows us to stay informed, keep our jobs on track, and ensure that we meet all deadlines. Furthermore, these check-ins help facilitate cooperation among the trades and create an environment of reliability and efficiency from start to finish.


Talisen and all project trades and team members utilize Procore as a document control and communication platform throughout the project. This industry-leading cloud-based construction management software helps projects run smoothly by providing real-time updates between all parties involved. 

The Post-Construction Phase

Our post-construction phase practices ensure that we engage with our subcontractors to the fullest and provide them with the resources they need to be successful partners in future projects. Key elements of subcontractor engagement in a project’s post-construction phase include:

Project Close-Out Documents

After completing a build, Talisen’s project managers (PMs) and assistant project managers (APMs) coordinate close-out documents with each subcontractor. This includes important documents such as completed punch lists, lien waivers, inspection certificates, and warranties that ensure everything is taken care of. 


Additionally, Talisen performs a project debrief during which our team rates subjective factors of working with each of the subcontractors for that project; this also includes key safety performance indicators and quality of work metrics. Later, all relevant information is transferred into our Vendor Management App for future consideration by the Director of Pre-Construction and project teams. 

Talisen’s Vendor Management App

Not only does Talisen’s Vendor Management App benefit our team, our clients, and our projects by ensuring the top subcontractor is chosen for each specific trade within a project, but it also benefits our subcontractors. At any given time, our subcontractors can request a meeting with Talisen’s Director of Pre-Construction, Director of Construction, and Director of Subcontractor Management to review statistical bidding history, subjective feedback on their performance, and potential opportunities for improvement. This allows Talisen to evaluate subcontractors more accurately based on their performance and provide feedback if necessary so they can better serve our clients in the future. 


Subcontractor Engagement in Our Community

In addition to engaging with subcontractors in the field, Talisen encourages our subcontractors to partake in various community-focused initiatives each year. Whether we’re volunteering alongside our subcontractors at local soup kitchens or cycling next to project trade teams during the annual Bike to the Beach event, we are constantly looking for ways to engage our subcontractors both on and off the job. The corporal social nature of these endeavors unites our teams and helps build lasting, trusting relationships that benefit Talisen, our subcontractors’ businesses, and our client’s projects.

Talisen Construction takes pride in its strong relationships with subcontractors and strives to ensure their success through processes that provide clients with reliable services from trusted subcontractors who understand their goals. This added level of engagement sets us apart from other NYC commercial general contracting firms and helps us provide unparalleled services for all types of projects. 
Interested in learning more about how Talisen engages with subcontractors, our Vendor Management App, or how we can assist in your next project? Contact us today!