Talisen Construction is committed to best serving our community.

We believe the environment and children’s charities are integral parts of being a positive, contributing influence on our community. At Talisen, we support sustainability in the built environment. As for children’s charities, two causes have a special place in Talisen’s heart. Thank you to all those who have supported Talisen this past year. We truly believe that all of our donations, whether big or small, monetary or temporal, make a difference in the future of all of our children. Read below to see the causes we dedicate ourselves to and how your contributions are part of building their best possible tomorrow, today.





Joseph’s son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three. Now a young adult, he has made huge growth and development improvements, but still wrestles with the challenges of being on the Spectrum. In addition, Joseph’s close friend has a son with autism. Through these combined experiences, he has witnessed the challenges and financial strains that raising an autistic child has on the family unit. Autism effects 1 in 68 children, in fact 1 in 42 boys are now diagnosed today. Even though it is the fastest-growing developmental disability today, there is still no known cause for autism.

Joseph believes passionately that with enough public attention, funding and devoted research, a better awareness and understanding can and will make a difference for the futures of our children. Joseph is very active with Autism Speaks. In 2011 he was a committee member for the NYC Walk, held the Chair for the NYC Corporate Sponsor Committee and formed a walk team for the NYC Walk event.

In 2016 Team Talisen formed their first bike team for Bike to the Beach, an affiliate of Autism Speaks. 25 riders and over $40,000 raised for Autism Speaks and local Autism charities, Team Talisen crossed the finish line in Westhampton after starting out in NYC (over 100 miles traveled!). In 2017 our goal is to build a team of 50 riders and raise $50,000 for the cause. Come join us this year, it will be the time of your life!

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Robert’s daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of six. Now a young adult, she lives a healthy, active life with the support of an insulin pump. Since the time of her diagnosis, Robert has supported the American Diabetes Association and enlisted Talisen as a corporate sponsor. Although much is known about diabetes and a great deal of progress has already been made, Robert feels strongly that a cure is attainable in the future with continued funding, research, and persistence toward one goal…a cure.

Millions of kids and families dealing with type 1 diabetes (also called juvenile diabetes) are striving for the day when a cure is found. Robert has been a continued sponsor of the DRI and has funded and participated in several JDRF team walks. He looks forward to continuing to do so in the future.

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Giving back to the community may be common for corporations, but we want to make a difference. Volunteering with community organizations provides us with more opportunities to do so.


It has been estimated that over 79% of NYC’s carbon footprint is embodied in the built environment. Much has been learned about ways to design and build that will help achieve the 30% carbon emissions reduction goal New York City has set out to achieve by 2030. At Talisen we take the environment seriously. We have firsthand experience carrying out large scale tenant fit-outs that have achieved various levels of LEED for Commercial Interiors (LEED-CI) certification. It does not stop here. Talisen has embarked on a continuous education program to maintain on the forefront of this evolving area of knowledge.


In addition to our dedicated causes we also support several other organizations regularly, including:

Amber Charter School

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

New York Society of Architects 

Association of Electrical Contractors 

Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Donegal Football Club

New York Athletic Club Athlete’s Fund