Your headquarters is a representation of  your entire company. Design can inspire confidence, reflect your innovative spirit, and build your brand. Workplace strategy is now an ever-evolving component of building an office space, because employees want to work comfortably and with flexibility   Talisen helps to bring your vision to life.

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New Workspaces, New Technologies… Same Old Human Needs

Building for the Tenant of The Future “Workplaces are the operational level in which strategy succeeds or fails,” writes Cushman & Wakefield in their major report, “The Future of the TMT Workplace: How to Future Proof Your Workplace and Real Estate Strategy for the Age of Digital Disruption”. As we continue our conversation about building for. . .

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When the Old World Meets The New

Building for the Tenant of the Future: When the Old World Meets the New When we talk about building for the tenant of the future, the phrase “old meets new” comes up a lot. There’s a reason for this. We’re living in a time of construction technology evolution. These advances impact the commercial construction industry. . .

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The Tenant of the Future

Jerry Belfiore on What’s Changing Interior Construction “A great building must begin with the unmeasurable,” the great architect Louis Kahn said. It’s a sentiment that certainly impacts the way we design and create functional spaces today. The workplace environment today bears very little resemblance to corporate headquarters and offices that were built a decade or. . .

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Office Design for Success

These 3 Trends Will Revolutionize Your Office Design Let’s say that the average American spends 40 hours at work and about 7 hours a night sleeping; that means that 34% of waking hours are spent at work. With that in mind, office design and work space becomes very important. These 3 trends have been shown. . .

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How to Dig In: A Project Management Method That Works

The very first project management job I ever had was likely the same one you had: the childhood chore of keeping the bedroom clean. When I was younger, I’d often rearrange my bedroom, trying to find the most aesthetically pleasing and efficient method for keeping myself orderly. The habit of taking things apart and putting. . .

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Bob Dylan and the Power of Reinvention

New years is in the rear view, and your “resolution” may be too–but it’s never to late to reinvent! As a construction company we help to empower organizations focused on creativity, wellness, and community improvement by building beautifully functional spaces along with our colleagues in the architecture, engineering and real estate professions.  With that in. . .

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A Presidential Guide to Architecture

Architecture and Organization It’s 8 AM, you have a busy day ahead of you with a lot to accomplish. When you get to your work area you look down to notice that your hands are rapidly organizing everything around you into neat little piles. When you are finished, some of that nervous energy has faded. . .

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Talisen Construction: Goldwell Training Facility tables and benches for classroom

Designing One Another: Three Eras of Fashion and Architecture

Did you ever gaze out of the window at your office wondering what was going on outside?…I mean…having an incredible moment of inspiration. Well, so has everyone else since before the United States was established. Starting largely with London’s famed East India Company; offices have gone hand in hand with daily work life. Many people. . .

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Hunger For Green Spaces Transforming NYC Commercial Spaces

“Driving into the city, you can’t help but notice the rooftop gardens. They’re everywhere,” says Thomas Lewis, an urban garden designer and owner of Floral Studio. “They’re everywhere. “ Add to that a steadily increasing number of interior green spaces – Lewis cites the Bank of America lobby on 42nd Street as a great example. . .

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