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Midwood Investment & Development: 96 Spring Street Expansion

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Midwood Investment & Development: 96 Spring Street Expansion

Talisen collaborated with Montroy DeMarco Architecture LLP on this remarkable corporate interior expansion project for esteemed client Midwood Investment & Development. The project included expanding Midwood’s office space and creating a seamless connection between the 5th and 6th floors with a new staircase, along with a full buildout of the 6th floor, encompassing executive offices, a modern bullpen, high-end flooring, exquisite lighting, and upgraded MEPs. The build also included renovations to the reception space, featuring a new sitting area and desk to welcome guests with elegance and sophistication.

Project Scope

1. Office Expansion & Staircase Installation

Talisen Construction expanded Midwood Investment & Development’s office, incorporating a new staircase to connect the 5th and 6th floors efficiently. This structural enhancement not only improved accessibility but also facilitated seamless collaboration and communication across both levels, promoting a unified work environment.

2. Full Buildout of the 6th floor

Our construction team skillfully brought Montroy DeMarco Architecture LLP’s vision to life, undertaking a complete buildout of the 6th floor. The interior design showcased executive offices tailored to reflect professionalism and functionality, a versatile bullpen area to foster teamwork, and high-end flooring and lighting installations that added ambiance and intricacy to the space. Moreover, the integration of upgraded MEPs ensured an efficient and sustainable environment for Midwood’s teams.

3. Reception Space Renovation

The project included a thoughtful renovation of the reception area to create a welcoming and impressive first impression for visitors. Talisen crafted a new sitting area that exuded comfort and style, while the redesigned desk showcased Midwood Investment & Development’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Project Outcome

The successful completion of Midwood Investment & Development’s Corporate Interiors Expansion is evidence of Talisen Construction’s expertise in delivering exceptional workspace transformations. We take immense pride in our partnership with Midwood Investment & Development and are honored to have contributed to the evolution of their inspiring workspace.

About Midwood Investment & Development

Midwood Investment & Development is a distinguished company recognized for its expertise in real estate development and investment venture. With a rich legacy of delivering exceptional projects across various sectors, Midwood has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and superior quality.




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