Talisen Construction Corporation: Construction Management and General Contractor Services. KAO Goldwell, 22 Little West 12th Street, New York. an outside-looking-in view of the space at dusk. Floor to ceiling windows allow us to look in at the spaces white furniture and cabinetry accented by a blue light underneath.

KAO Salon Academy New York

Andrew KnoxCorporate Interior

KAO Salon Academy New York

KAO Salon Academy New York adds beauty to the trendy downtown Meatpacking District in more ways than one. This 7,000 square foot full-service training academy and presentation space is built over two floors, giving future generations of KAO Salon Academy-trained hair stylists a spacious, sleek environment in which to perfect their craft.

  • Custom millwork hair washing stations and sinks on both floors, as well as exposed spiral ductwork throughout.
  • Color changing RGB lighting enhanced additional custom millwork displays
  • Controllable custom made LED pendant fixtures were ideal for task and display lighting.

The build was completed in just under three months, under tight noise-control parameters to avoid disturbing building occupants. KAO Salon Academy New York is a stellar example of Talisen’s expertise at managing complex builds that bridge retail and educational spaces.



KAO Salon Academy New York


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22 Little West 12th Street, NYC


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