Thank Talisen Construction Corporation: Construction Management and General Contractor. Steel stairway with colorful tile railing and mirror piece wall mural.

Thank You: An Excellent End to 2015



While we continue to digest all of that food, Talisen would like to consider all of the wonderful projects we were able to participate in during the course of this year and say thank you. We’re reminded of all the amazing people we get to work with, and the opportunities that we have to positively affect the world around us. For that, we are deeply thankful. We were able to extract numerous lessons from this year, many focused on how the integrity of our built environment interacts with our social nature. In celebration of the season we would like to say thank you and share what we are thankful for this year:

Our Environment

We’ve looked at many different iterations of interesting spaces, from brewpubs to outdoor offices. Since New York City is certainly a crowded place, we have seen the necessity of using creativity to build the optimal space for the environment. Whether it is outfitting an obsolete school for modern times or creating vegetated islands off of the coast of Far Rockaway to help divert hurricane water into absorption zones, our city is becoming a place where we strategically interact with the environment around us.

Our Colleagues

In 2015, we also paid keen attention to the interactions between construction, architecture, and the influences upon those industries. Just like the latest in style, architecture is constantly changing with the times. Actually, one of the close connections between these two is fashion and clothing. When looking at the progression of the twentieth century, a change in the architectural and clothing trends of the time also becomes apparent. With that, the look of the everyday office continued to change as well. Like the metamorphosis of fashion and architecture throughout the 1900s, our world today continues to change at a rapid rate. In a state of constant flux, we are thankful for the opportunity to keep our ear to the needs of the people and to be continually influenced by all of the great individuals and companies that we work with.

Our Clients

This past year, we took the time to look at our processes and improve them by investing in new technologies. This was key in our planning and logistics methods, a crucial but often overlooked part of completing any successful project. With so many moving parts involved in any project, let alone a building operation, it is key for us to stay organized to best serve our clients. This is only a small factor in the ways that we can contribute to the greater good, but when we see all of the great work that our clients are doing it is a source of great pride and gratitude for us. From schools that serve children with developmental disabilities to companies that are leading the way in the technological revolution, we are honored to play our part in helping all of our clients to do the great work that they do. Thank you for all of the wonderful opportunities.


As we move from Thanksgiving to the winter holiday season, we want to emphasize our appreciation and gratitude towards all of our clients and colleagues. We wish you all an excellent end to 2015 and a bountiful and joy-filled 2016.