Talisen Construction Corporation: Construction Management and General Contractor. Manhattan Children's Center, 100 West 93rd Street. Outside facade with MCC logo in red circle and white lettering. Shadows and trees are visible.

Manhattan Children’s Center

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Manhattan Children’s Center

Working with AGP Architect, P.C. and HRM Engineering, Talisen Construction embarked on a profound journey with NYC’s leading transdisciplinary private school for children Manhattan Childrens Center (MCC). More than just a construction project, this endeavor was a commitment to fostering inclusivity, accessibility, and growth, enhancing the educational environment for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and associated developmental diversities. 

The Build: Nurturing Accessibility and Empowerment

Talisen Construction’s collaboration with Manhattan Childrens Center was marked by an unwavering dedication to creating an environment that transcends physical barriers and empowers students with developmental disabilities to reach their full potential. The project entailed a range of innovative measures that reflect Talisen’s commitment to excellence and inclusivity.

What We Did:

  • ADA-compliant wheelchair lift
  • New sensory gym fitted with wall-climbing stations
  • Installed new kitchens, pantries, laundry units, and bathroom facilities for life skills classes 

Central to the project was the implementation of ADA-compliant amenities, including a strategically designed wheelchair lift that seamlessly integrates with the building’s architecture. This enhancement ensures accessibility and fosters a sense of independence for all students, opening new pathways and ensuring every corner of the center is accessible and navigable. The crowning jewel of the project, a new sensory gym equipped with wall-climbing stations provides students with a space where they can explore, play, and develop their motor skills in a safe and engaging environment.

In addition to physical modifications, Talisen also installed multiple kitchens, pantries, laundry units, and bathroom facilities. These additions prove transformative in the context of the school’s curriculum, allowing for the integration of life skills classes that enrich the curriculum and equip students with tools that extend far beyond the classroom.

The End Result: Empowering Students, Enriching Lives

This project for MCC stands as a testament to Talisen’s understanding of the needs of children with autism and connected neuro diversities. By weaving inclusive enhancements into the fabric of the center, we were able to create an atmosphere where MCC students can feel empowered, grow, and thrive.

About Manhattan Childrens Center: Pioneering Developmental Support

Manhattan Childrens Center is more than a private school—it’s a beacon of hope and support for students diagnosed with developmental disabilities, including autism. MCC’s dedication to providing a nurturing environment that caters to the unique needs of each student reflects its unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the world around us. The school has garnered a reputation for offering specialized programs that empower students to overcome challenges and reach their full potential, and its holistic approach to education encompasses academics, life skills, and social development that resonates with Talisen’s commitment to creating environments that foster growth and inclusivity.

Talisen is a strong supporter of various organizations that push for awareness and resources for ASD and other developmental disabilities. Click here to learn more!

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