Joseph Rigazio

Andrew Knox


Joseph Rigazio

Principal & CEO

Vision, Expertise, and Leadership

Trained in both Electrical Engineering and Business Economics, Joseph entered the professional world with a strong vision. After a 23-year-long career in technology, in which  he managed Fortune 100 company relationships in sales and sales management, ran marketing organizations, and ultimately, lead a major business unit at Texas Instruments, Joseph chose to utilize his expertise and leadership skills to start Talisen.

Since then, Joseph’s energized attitude has continued to heighten. While building a powerful infrastructure to grow Talisen from the ground up, he has dedicated his time to studying new trends in construction management and sustainability.  As a leader in technological trends, whether developing and executing a comprehensive business plan, studying new initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint in the commercial-built environment, or integrating innovative technological trends into traditional construction concepts, Joseph consistently proves himself as a visionary with an unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit. Basing the company philosophy on the key tenants of safety and ethics, Joseph has guided Talisen to grow into a premier New York construction firm that truly partners with their clients to provide a new precedent for client advocacy in today’s market.

"Knowing where your company could go in five or 10 years is what motivates me, it's what motivates my team and my company. Having something to aim for is half the battle."
Joseph Rigazio

Dynamic and forward thinking, Joseph knows how to lead a team and achieve great results.

Joseph Rigazio is a business leader. A natural motivator and multitasker, he can take any type of complex project, simplify the challenges and see it through to incredible success. As a businessman, he is a foremost authority, anticipating every angle of a project and quickly understanding the optimal solutions.