The Value of a Talisen Field Superintendent

When it comes to construction projects, the success of any build hinges on some key factors. One of these crucial elements is having an experienced field superintendent leading the charge from start to finish. This professional brings accountability and organization to a project – managing requests along with understanding deadlines and client needs – which makes sticking within budget easier for all parties involved. At Talisen Construction, our field superintendents have years of experience in navigating through issues that may arise on a job site efficiently and effectively, ensuring positive outcomes in the face of any obstacle. Read on to discover what a construction superintendent does on a daily basis and why a Talisen field super is an invaluable asset in keeping projects moving forward while simultaneously exceeding expectations.

What Field Superintendents Do on a Daily Basis

A construction superintendent’s daily routine is a mix of demanding and rewarding work. From studying blueprints to ensuring all details are up-to-date, they play an integral role in their projects as on-site experts. Here are just a few key tasks of a construction field superintendent:

On-Site Project Experts 

One of the first integral tasks the field superintendent takes care of during the course of the project is studying the project drawings and developing key knowledge of the entire build. This helps lay the groundwork for a smooth operation throughout the entire life cycle of the job. Pouring over the drawings and running through key phasing questions or comments with Talisen’s Project Manager for the job allows them to gain a thorough understanding of the project milestones in advance.

Scheduling, Inspections & Safety

From there, a seemingly small but very important responsibility includes coordinating material and tool deliveries so that the job site is well stocked with all the necessary protection and safety items our laborers may need. This means ensuring the right tools and materials are delivered before they are required, which allows all trades to remain on schedule should they need any assistance in creating a safe space to work from our field laborers.

Field superintendents also prepare a weekly schedule and run the details by their Project Manager, as well as coordinate with subcontractors to confirm that trade professionals are on-site when needed, which involves phasing trades where necessary to guarantee the greatest daily production levels possible in the safest manner. They also inspect the quality of work being done and enforce strict safety standards. Director of Construction Michael Figliolia encapsulated Talisen’s approach to job site safety in a recent interview, “Safety is a big part of what we do before we even step foot on a project. Our field supers are always evaluating and acting on what can be done to protect not only the people working on the job sites but the tenants and civilians around us.” Our field supers review each project’s safety risks and exposures long before commencing the build, working closely with Talisen’s Field Compliance & Safety Manager on aspects of project delivery in the field to guarantee that all representatives of Talisen Construction practice a strong safety culture.  

General Conditions Budgets

On top of these duties, field superintendents manage and update general conditions budgets. At Talisen, these budgets include the materials we supply – such as safety gloves, safety glasses, protection materials like masonite, plastic sheeting, etc. – as well as our laborers’ time.

Challenge Resolution

The job also requires outstanding problem-solving skills; the unexpected can often happen on worksites, such as discovering obstacles behind century-old walls. It is the role of the field superintendent to adjust quickly and ensure all project deliverables align with the client’s end vision for the space.

Reports & Compliance Paperwork

Finally, field superintendents are responsible for completing all reports and compliance paperwork, as well as anything else that may have arisen during the course of each day. This includes submitting necessary invoices and following up with subcontractors to review progress and proactively address potential issues or concerns.

The Value Talisen’s Field Superintendents Bring to Your Project

From small-scale projects to expansive renovations and builds, Talisen Construction’s field superintendents bring expertise and knowledge to every job site, allowing us to get the job done right, on time, and within budget. Let’s take a closer look at the value Talisen’s field superintendents bring to every project. 

Project Agility

Talisen’s supers are personable and effective when interfacing with clients and facilities management personnel. Their sensitivity to the needs of the client guarantees that each project’s outcome exceeds expectations. What’s more, their extensive knowledge of how to build a job safely and in the most efficient manner possible allows them to quickly identify issues and solve problems that arise on the job site so that work can continue without delay. When you consider that most construction projects present challenges that can threaten the project’s timeline and budget if not addressed effectively, the project agility of your field superintendent becomes a crucial skill. Fortunately, this is a skill Talisen’s field superintendents possess.

Northwell Health Lynbrook

When Talisen kicked off a 100,000-square-foot renovation project for Northwell Health, the job initially called for the replacement of windows and the surrounding facade. However, upon discovering significant damage to the facade that would require its complete renovation, Talisen’s field superintendent acted quickly with our Project Manager to engage the client and develop a solution. Because of our superintendent’s agility, the project schedule stayed on track, and the client was delighted.

c16 Biosciences Lab at Hudson Research Center

Our work for c16 Biosciences serves as another demonstration of the project agility of Talisen’s field superintendents. When retrofitting the roof of the Hudson Research Center 90-year-old building to support the HVAC infrastructure required to serve multiple life science laboratories called for extensive coordination and strategic thinking, Talisen’s super performed weeks of walk-throughs with the steel vendor and key MEP trades to ensure the project was built correctly and to the client’s satisfaction.

The Pursuit of Perfection

Pratt Institute Gaming Studio

Custom millwork at Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn Campus

Our field superintendents are adept at managing large project sites, ensuring Talisen’s employees and trade workers collaborate to keep things running smoothly and deliver as perfect a project as possible. A practical example can be seen in the custom millwork incorporated into Pratt Institute‘s 8,000 sq. ft. existing office space in Brooklyn. Our field superintendent on this project went the extra mile to ensure the gaming studio’s finishing touches blended seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the build, creating the ideal atmosphere for aspiring gamers pursuing a BFA in Game Arts.

NYU Langone Roof Chiller

A Focus on People

Our supers attend to surrounding areas of each project to ensure potential disruptions for civilians operating within a site’s facilities are minimized. For instance, when partnering with NYU Langone to install a new roof chiller in one of their residential buildings, Talisen’s field team coordinated weekend crane rigging and other work to help reduce the impact of potential inconveniences for the building’s tenants. They also successfully worked with NYU Langone to relocate tenants to comfortable hotels during the demolition of existing infrastructure and MEP-related work. As a result, the new roof chiller was installed seamlessly and to the client’s satisfaction, with minimal disruption to the building’s tenants.


Google Starcase J

Finally, Talisen’s field superintendents possess a direct line to our project managers and business unit directors. This allows for efficient and effective escalation of potential challenges and facilitates the birth of innovative solutions through the combined insights of critical project experts. A perfect example of field innovation is the staircase project Talisen completed for Google, during which our top-down build approach allowed for the creation of a 16-story steel staircase in less than half the time initially projected. 

250 Park Ave. Lobby

Another example of project innovation provided by Talisen’s field team is the build we completed for Cushman & Wakefield at 250 Park Ave. The project – which called for state-of-the-art digital ceiling technology based on one-of-a-kind programming for the client – resulted in our field super and team delivering an ultramodern and aesthetically invigorating lobby that will continue to awe all who enter the facilities for years to come. 

At Talisen Construction, quality control starts with having experienced staff on-site throughout every phase of the project. Our field superintendents are invaluable assets for completing projects safely and efficiently while always keeping our clients’ best interests in mind. If you are looking for general contracting or construction management services in the NY metropolitan area, contact us today and let us show you why Talisen’s commitment to quality makes us different from all the rest!