Talisen Construction’s Christopher Norris on Optimizing for Profit in New York’s Healthcare Sector

“Overall, the mission for healthcare is clear: provide quality service to a mass population in an efficient and effective manner..”

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As a commercial construction firm based in the New York Metropolitan area, Talisen Construction has led the way in healthcare construction for half a decade. Noteworthy healthcare projects include ambulatory centers, medical office buildings, and other special builds. With over 30 years’ experience in commercial construction, Business Unit Director Christopher Norris has successfully spearheaded several of Talisen’s healthcare projects— including high profile builds for names like Northwell Health and Island Eye Surgicenter. Keep reading to learn more about BISNOW event speaker Christopher Norris, and get a taste of how he’s helping Talisen build New York’s best possible tomorrow, today…

How Talisen’s Business Unit Director Chris Norris Views Commercial Construction in New York’s Healthcare Sector

When Talisen Business Unit Director Christopher Norris thinks about commercial construction projects in the healthcare industry of the NY-Metro area, he sees more than mere fiscal profit. He’s building for the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers that these such facilities will one day house, treat, and even cure.

With over 30 years in the construction industry, Norris knows that, traditionally speaking, the healthcare industry is a one-percent margin. Therefore, any delay or obstruction to that one percent is detrimental to the project as a whole. This factor makes speed to market crucial for all key players involved—including constructors, stakeholders, owners, designers, and prime subcontractors.

In order to complete a healthcare project on time and on budget, Norris must find one common denominator to incentivize speed and efficiency for all key players involved in the build. This leads him to an important question—What single motivator do all key players have in common? The answer is simple: Profit.

Optimize for Profit with IPD:
Commercial Construction in the Healthcare Industry

Building in the healthcare sector is a race between clients. The conversations are getting more and more acute, developers are entering the conversation on speed to market, and clients want thousands of employees and local clients competing on that property years ahead of what that normal process would take. Norris understands that if you want to incentivize all the parties involved in building New York’s healthcare sector, you must optimize for financial gain. His next question is: How do we put product online for our clients using a fast-paced model that is outside of the typical build approach? That’s where Integrated Project Delivery, or IPD, comes in.

IPD is a project delivery method with inherent financial advantages that prove beneficial for all key players. It allows constructors, stakeholders, owners, designers, and prime subcontractors to sit together at the same table early on, giving them the ability to ask the right questions— and ask them frequently. Not only is this incredibly advantageous to the owner, it offers clarity in execution throughout the duration of the project.

In Norris’s experience, speed to market is always a big issue, along with clarity of design and constructability, pinpoint-focused budget iterations, fiscal control, and stakeholder integration. These factors are critical for every industry that Talisen serves as a New York construction firm, but they’re especially crucial for healthcare builds.

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For most New York-based construction firms working in healthcare, the idea of putting constructors on the same team as key stakeholders early on in the process is still a bit of a nuance. Join Christoher Norris and the Talisen team on Thursday, November 21st as Norris speaks with other industry experts on growth, investment and the future of New York’s healthcare and life sciences divisions at Bisnow’s New York Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit!

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