5 Reasons Why We Joined Instagram (And You Should Follow Us)

Here at Talisen, we do more than simply strive to meet our client’s expectations— we perform to exceed them. Our team’s insatiable hunger for perfection is to thank, along with an emphasis on innovation and project agility. But it’s our focus on cultivating an enriching and connective company culture that pulls everything together, allowing us to provide the New York Metro area with unmatched construction services.

Talisen looks to culture to find the ties that binds us together. Whether it be company culture, material culture, or, in this case… digital culture.

It’s the Era of Digital Culture & User-Generated Content is King

We currently possess front-row seats to the era of digital culture— where user-generated content is king. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. serve as sounding boards where users can connect, share innovative ideas, and celebrate accomplishments. What better way for Talisen to connect with, celebrate, and inspire the City we strive to elevate than through utilizing one of the world’s most popular social media platforms: Instagram.

“If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.”

– Sam Waterston


Here are 5 reasons why we’ve decided to join Instagram—which also serve as 5 key reasons why you should follow us @talisencorp

— 01 —


We look forward to utilizing Instagram as a space that demonstrates Talisen’s ability to turn vision into reality. Follow our page for visual displays of successful projects that tell a story of all we have to offer as a NYC commercial construction firm. All our projects, whether big or small, serve as inspiration in our pursuit of perfection— and we hope they’ll inspire you, too.

— 02 —


Join us as we use Instagram to celebrate the work of all the talented architects, designers and engineers we’ve collaborated with over the last decade!

— 03 —


Connect with us to get to know #TeamTalisen on a more personal level. Look out for posts featuring individual members of Talisen’s amazing, hard-working team!

— 04 —


Follow @talisencorp for a steady stream of exciting company updates. We’ll be using this platform to share the latest developments on company projects AND up-to-date information on our new podcast series, Talisen Talk!

— 05 —


Similar to our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, Instagram is yet another helpful tool that allows us to better understand the things that makes our clients tick. Additionally, it helps us keep our finger on the pulse of the greatest city in the world— #NewYorkCity— charging along as construction industry trailblazers.

We can’t wait to connect with you as we continue building New York’s best possible tomorrow, today.

Follow @talisencorp on Instagram now!