What we’ve Learned from COVID-19

Learning experiences aren’t always pleasant, and that’s certainly the case with this pandemic. However, the Talisen way is to always look for the positive. Our team sat down to review the situation and identify what stood out to us as truly important and meaningful at this point. We also talked about what we think lies ahead in the days and weeks to come. We wanted to share these insights and lessons with you, and hope you’ll be motivated to share yours with us.

So without further ado, here’s what we have to say:

Our industry is amazing and inspiring.

The speed and unity with which our professional community has come together to get masks, PPE, and food to the health care workers who are on the front lines is an encouraging thing to see. It’s also very heartening to see how quickly our industry adapted to the new social distancing, hygiene, and remote work protocols.

We’re blown away and humbled.

Right up front, we want to recognize the incredible work our field team of Superintendents and Laborers are doing to help fight COVID-19. Their ongoing work at healthcare facilities across the region is helping meet the demand for new patient care spaces.  While every precaution is being taken, it’s impossible to ignore that all essential workers are working in environments of risk. What you are doing is truly appreciated.

You made high-speed change look simple.

What’s truly impressive has been the dedication of each of our team members to their work. It has been incredible to see everyone’s determination to make the remote-work transition as seamless as possible.  This focus and flexibility is the hallmark of exceptional professionals.

We’re truly thankful.

Our top concern is always all of our health and wellbeing. We’ve all been presented with numerous challenges through this pandemic and have been able to rise to the occasion because of our continued strength. Please continue putting this first and foremost. We are grateful you are healthy, and we want you to stay that way.

Some new changes are here to stay.

Social distancing has made collaboration challenging. But challenging is not impossible, and our openness to using new tools and methods to connect with owners, partners, and vendors has helped our organization adapt quickly to a more digital existence.  While the new normal has yet to be determined, we’re preparing ourselves well for it.

man using tablet

What we learned.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway at the moment is that we can scale as an organization without growing the physical size of the office. With lessons learned from our new remote-work lifestyle, we will be better suited to grow without increasing overhead. We’re optimistic about what the industry will look like moving forward now that technology is beginning to allow Construction and Real Estate to work more efficiently from afar.

How about you?

We’re all going through the same pandemic, but we’re not all learning the same things. And we know that we’re stronger when we learn from each other. Let’s benefit from each other’s wisdom. Please use the form below to share your organization’s insights and lessons learned. We’ll collect them all and share them in a future blog for everyone to benefit from. Thank you.