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What Contractors Can Do to Aid in NYC Diversity & Inclusion

It is time. It is time for the construction industry to embrace inclusion and create diverse teams to help businesses grow and support individuals from all facets of life. While in some ways construction is more diverse than it has traditionally been, the actual representation of diverse and minority groups in the construction industry’s workforce remains low. Here’s why Talisen supports diversity and inclusion, why it is critical for the future of construction, how to implement these initiatives, and how to get involved.

Offer More Opportunities Through Mentorship

If there was ever a time to address mentorship, it is now! Mentorship has always been a constant in the construction industry. Updating this tradition could be an excellent way to bring new life to the company through unique perspectives. And research shows that when workplaces offer formal mentoring programs, three quarters of diverse or minority employees opt in.

What’s more, in a successful mentorship, a mentor can help their mentee learn the ins and outs of a role or department faster and more effectively. A mentorship program can also serve to develop historically underrepresented talent for leadership roles. And from a diversity and inclusion standpoint, it can also give underrepresented employees exposure to opportunities and create a springboard for future sponsorship.

Think Outside the Box

Diversity and inclusion efforts start from the top and work their way through a company. Make diversity and inclusion a topic at company meetings and utilize internal platforms like Workplace and Slack to give everyone at the company a voice. Additionally, company leadership should clearly communicate and affirm the company’s commitment to non-discrimination and equal opportunity practices. Showing commitment to diversity and inclusion at the highest levels can help it to take root at every level. 

Build Partnerships

Construction companies should consider joining industry organizations focused on a solution and becoming active members. Organizations like NEW (Non-Traditional Employment for Women), PWC (Professional Women in Construction), and AGC (Associated General Contractors). Establishing a partnership with these organizations can add value to diversity outreach efforts and bolster a company’s reputation as an inclusive space.

Partner with Subcontractors and Vendors with Diverse Backgrounds

Striving to stay ahead of the industry by making supplier diversity a genuine part of company culture is paramount. And having supplier diversity initiatives in place can widen the spectrum of solutions offered to clients by providing innovative solutions through a diverse team with a diverse perspective.

Curious to Learn More?

Diversity and inclusion infuse organizations with new ideas, fresh perspectives, and a willingness to consider alternatives. With a more diverse workforce that is better at problem-solving and decision-making, construction companies can deliver solutions to their clients with inclusion and respect.

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