Tony Inglis

Andrew Knox


Tony Inglis

Field Superintendent

Tony Inglis brings 10 years of construction experience into his role as Field Superintendent. During his summer months in college, he spent time as a carpenter’s apprentice. Several years after school, when given the opportunity to work for a design/build company, Tony rekindled his interest in the industry.

Tony has been a part of many successful projects in the industry, even having multiple projects appear in Dwell magazine and the New York Times. Tony’s role at Talisen includes coordinating and overseeing the daily onsite activities involved in building a job. His goal is safely delivering the final product on time and with-in budget to the standard set forth by the contract drawings and specifications.

In his free time Tony enjoys playing a variety of musical instruments and spending as time outdoors hiking, kayaking and mountaineering.

"I enjoy being involved in a fast-paced physical industry working alongside people of varying cultures and backgrounds. Facilitating teamwork and problem solving to create something tangible can be very fulfilling."