Stefani Mostarac

Ana-Lisa Knox


Stefani Mostarac

Project Engineer

Stefani Mostarac brings a wealth of experience and a passion for construction to her role as a Project Engineer at Talisen Construction. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in the trades, Stefani’s father was a union drywall taper, her grandfather a carpenter, and many uncles were involved in various trades. This rich family heritage sparked her interest in construction from a young age. Stefani’s early hands-on experiences included house renovations, entire apartment refurbishments, and even building a chicken coop and pond in her backyard, setting the foundation for her career in the industry.

Although she pursued a college education, Stefani’s real-world experiences and family mentorships have been her most valuable teachers. Her practical knowledge and dedication led to significant achievements in her previous roles. One notable accomplishment was at her former company, where she successfully implemented processes that resulted in 25% cost savings, showcasing her ability to innovate and improve operational efficiencies.

At Talisen, Stefani applies her extensive background and skills to ensure that projects are completed efficiently, on time, and within budget. She is committed to upholding Talisen’s high standards and delivering exceptional client results.

Outside of her professional life, Stefani is an avid outdoor enthusiast. She enjoys hiking, playing catch in the park, and rollerblading, finding joy and relaxation in nature. Additionally, she is passionate about crafting, indulging in vinyl and wood sign making, pointed-pen calligraphy, resin crafts, and paper crafting. Stefani’s creativity and love for hands-on activities at work and in her personal life highlight her multifaceted talents and dedication to excellence.

"I enjoy combining the technical aspects of the field with all the backend office processes to bring a project together."