Peter Hoey

Ana-Lisa Knox


Peter Hoey

Assistant Project Manager

Peter Hoey is a resourceful and dedicated Assistant Project Manager at Talisen Construction, driven by a passion for delivering exceptional customer service and achieving demanding corporate objectives. With a knack for developing processes, streamlining procedures, and identifying innovative, cost-effective solutions, Peter plays a crucial role in our team’s capacity to complete builds on time, within budget, and in compliance with quality standards.

Peter’s journey into construction began at a young age, which fueled his passion for the industry. He attended Penn State University and graduated with a BS in Finance, a background that equips him with strong analytical and financial skills essential for his role.

A significant accomplishment in Peter’s career was completing a project ahead of schedule and under budget during the challenging times of COVID-19. His ability to navigate complex situations and deliver outstanding results underscores his dedication and expertise.

Outside of work, Peter enjoys playing basketball and staying active by getting his steps in with his family. 

"My favorite part about my position at Talisen Construction is the camaraderie. The team building we engage in and the assistance we offer one another truly make it a fulfilling experience."