Marko Mostarac Talisen Construction

Marko Mostarac

Ana-Lisa Knox

assists in developing innovative construction tech software solutions that help propel Talisen forward. 


Marko Mostarac

I.T. & Back Office Support

A graduate of Hunter College with a degree in computer science, Marko provides I.T. & Back Office Support at Talisen Construction. His role includes assisting in the development of innovative construction technology software, I.T., and data solutions that help propel Talisen forward.

Some of Marko’s responsibilities include configuring base P.C. installations, I.T. onboarding/off-boarding, user support, development work, and system troubleshooting.

A major accomplishment of Marko’s thus far in his career was identifying and fixing an issue that had a significant impact on workflow.

In his free time, Marko enjoys snowboarding, which brings him clarity as he is able to fully let go and focus only on the path forward.

"I enjoy solving problems and being able to interact with a great team."