Daniel Rojas

Ana-Lisa Knox


Daniel Rojas

Assistant Project Manager

Possessing a Bachelor of Education degree from New Jersey City University, Daniel Rojas started in construction as a truck driver for materials with a demolition and roofing outfit. He eventually ended up working with those units, which was an invaluable experience that taught him the blue-collar way to work.

Today, Daniel is a results-driven Assistant Project Manager with strong technical and business acumen who skillfully assists Talisen’s Project Manager in directing teams of subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers to ensure all aspects of a project’s objective are completed correctly, on time, and within budget. His expertise includes developing effective workflow solutions to meet client requirements while improving efficiency, project budgeting, planning, scheduling, negotiation, execution, tracking and monitoring, and closeout.

As the Assistant Project Manager, Daniel is responsible for a multitude of ongoing and long-term tasks that are vital to the success of the project. These include developing critical path analyses and project schedules and maintaining submittal logs, RFI’s, and change orders throughout the project’s duration. Daniel also conducts regular site visits, where he meets with clients, subcontractor teams, and Talisen’s field team to review weekly task minutes and ensure efficient execution of the agenda for each week.

One notable achievement in Daniel’s career stands out – his inaugural construction project for a dentist’s office in New Jersey. He fondly recalls the sense of accomplishment as he finalized the punch list, knowing that he played a pivotal role in erecting a structure from its very foundation.

During his leisure hours, Daniel relishes the camaraderie, the thrill of problem-solving, and the fruitful synergy of playing flag football. He also enjoys playing the drums.

"I enjoy the challenge of learning from the senior managers. There is a wealth of knowledge here, and I love to learn. Working at Talisen is an excellent opportunity for me, and I am grateful to the company for investing time and resources in my career."