Blake Uhing - Talisen Construction Senior Project Manager

Blake Uhing

Ana-Lisa Knox


Blake Uhing

Senior Project Manager

Possessing a BSBA Finance degree from Creighton University and a Master of Real Estate Development degree from Arizona State University, Blake’s journey into construction and project management traces back to countless hours spent in his grandfather’s woodworking garage.

Now an accomplished Senior Project Manager at Talisen Construction, Blake brings a unique blend of adept problem-solving, exceptional leadership, and effective team-building skills to every project. In his role, he takes full responsibility for overseeing the entire project lifecycle, from the initial estimate to final closure.

Blake’s focus lies in nurturing strong and constructive connections among Talisen’s clients, field superintendents, assistant project managers, and subcontractors, ensuring a cohesive and successful project journey. His process-driven approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, combined with seasoned negotiation skills and meticulous attention to detail, guarantee seamless project execution and delivery.

Prior to joining Talisen, Blake led successful historic renovation projects for several landmarked properties, including a 19th-century hotel, 100-year-old school, 1905 mansion, and a museum listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These projects stand out as some of his most significant career accomplishments to date.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Blake is dedicated to sharing his industry passion. Each spring, he teaches a Real Estate Finance & Development course at his alma mater, fostering the growth of upcoming real estate professionals and learning from his students in the process.

"As a general contractor, we have the opportunity to lead a large group of companies and craftsmen to accomplish a project that no individual could complete on his or her own. Successfully orchestrating these projects requires finesse, unwavering attention to detail, and creative problem-solving every day. There is no feeling I enjoy more than turning over a build which each contributing hand is proud to sign their name."