Team Talisen Honored by NYS Senate

WATCH THE VIDEO: John Rigazio & Team Talisen Honored by The NYS Senate

State Senator Todd Kaminsky presented a proclamation on the Senate floor to John Rigazio of Team Talisen recognizing him for his unique contribution to Autism awareness. As part of Team Talisen’s fundraising efforts, John participated in the 2016 Bike to the Beach, a 100-mile bike ride that benefits Autism Speaks and other local Autism community groups throughout New York.

John, a senior at South Side High School in Rockville Centre, rode 100 miles from Manhattan to Westhampton last June on a tandem bicycle with his father, Joseph. As part of the 25-member ride team, Team Talisen, John helped raise over $40,000 for the cause.

The Bike to the Beach route passed through Rockville Centre on the way to Westhampton, where they received support from John’s friends and teachers. John says, “Seeing everyone from school was great. We trained a lot for the ride and I had fun doing it together with my dad. This spring we want a lot more people, 50 riders and $50,000”.

B2B Rockaway Boardwalk

Joe & John Rigazio riding in Bike to the Beach with Team Talisen member, Rob Kroll.

Joseph first got involved with the Autism awareness movement when John was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 6. As the CEO of Talisen Construction Corporation, Joseph spearheaded the company’s involvement with Autism Speaks in 2009. After years on the NYC Walk Committee for Autism Speaks, Joseph focused Talisen’s 2016 efforts on Bike to the Beach, “I’ve always backed organizations that support Autism awareness and research. Bike to the Beach was a great opportunity to make a real difference and get John inspired to advocate for the cause. It boosted his confidence level so much and reinforced his ability to make a difference regardless of his personal challenges. John’s acknowledgment by Senator Kaminsky was another affirmation, and an extremely proud moment for me as a father. We can’t wait for next year!”.

Senator Todd Kaminsky, who represents Long Island’s South Shore where John and his family live, was impressed by his commitment. On March 28, Kaminsky recognized John on the Senate floor, and presented him with a formal proclamation honoring his dedication to raising money for autism research and awareness. A proclamation is “a non-legal declaration designating a given period of time to commemorate an event or cause, or to honor an individual or group”.

Currently, 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the United States every year. More than 3.5 million Americans are on the spectrum yet ASD receives the least federal funding of any developmental disorder. Organizations like Bike to the Beach help to fill that gap by not only supporting Autism Speaks but channeling money back into local organizations that provide summer camps, after-school programs, and job training/support for those with ASD.

Team Talisen at the Starting Line

Team Talisen at the Starting Line

Robby Walsh, Executive Director, of Bike to the Beach says, “John’s accomplishment is amazing and inspiring. He exemplifies what Bike to the Beach is all about: taking on a challenge while making an impact for others. Each year he rides he stands as a reminder of who we bike for and how much more we each have to give”. Bike to the Beach now holds cycling events in 7 cities, including New York, Baltimore, Washington DC, Miami, Houston, and Boston.

About Bike to the Beach & Team Talisen

Bike to the Beach is a community of people who combine biking, purpose, and fun to inspire individuals to overcome obstacles through personal challenge. Bike to the Beach rides to inspire the larger community to raise funds and awareness for Autism, the most prevalent developmental disability in the world.

Talisen Construction formed Team Talisen in 2016 to ride in the annual Bike to the Beach. With the initial goal of fundraising $25,000 with a team of 10 riders, they far exceeded their 2016 goal by raising over $40,000. This year they are aiming for 50 riders and $50,000. Learn more about the event, and Team Talisen, by visiting