Stephanie Rudman at desk

Talisen Spotlight: Stephanie Rudman

In a recent interview, we were able to sit down with Stephanie Rudman, Talisen Construction’s Director of Business Development and Client Relations. 

Generating Exposure & Networking

In her role, Stephanie is primarily responsible for developing new business, retaining existing business, finding ways to generate new opportunities within the industry, and ensuring a positive experience with Talisen for all of our clients.

“I love what I do at Talisen — I love our goal of delighting the client. I love to meet new clients, introduce them to Talisen, create visibility for Talisen, and have our existing clients continually give us more opportunities to expand our relationships.”

Our unique business model, where in place of a typical estimating department, Talisen is divided into Business Units consisting of teams of Project Managers, Assistant Project Managers, and Project Engineers is a differentiating factor for Stephanie when approaching new clients. By bidding, buying, and building the project all on their own, Project Managers at Talisen Construction are responsible for each job from concept to closeout. This streamlined process provides clients with continuity and places Talisen Construction in a special position within the market.            

Connecting Through Barriers 

Networking is another crucial part of Stephanie’s role; not only does Stephanie connect Talisen to new clients and opportunities, but she does a significant amount of networking between different independent organizations within the construction industry. From Association of Medical Facilities Professionals (AMFP) where contractors connect with professionals within the Healthcare field, to Non-Traditional Employment for Women (NEW) where women are provided support and avenues to pursue careers in skilled construction, a very heavily male-dominated field.

“As you know, in the construction industry, the ratio of women to men is very small, but NEW trains women that would ordinarily not have a career, but a job, to have a very fulfilling career so that they could provide financial stability for themselves and their families.”

This lack of balance in the industry presents an opportunity for the decision-makers in the construction industry to be more forward-thinking in creating equitable environments:

“I think that if there was a little more diversity up at the higher leadership level in the construction industry, it would make a great difference to those that work in the industry.”

If you would like to learn about Talisen Construction or opportunities to network within the construction industry, please contact us.