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Talisen People Spotlight: Assistant Project Manager Christopher Yanaranop

Our level of quality starts and ends with our team. Since 2009, Talisen Construction has employed some of the industry’s brightest, most talented, and most hard-working people. And over the years, we’ve shared stories about Talisen’s company culture and how we acquire our world-class talent. Now we’ve decided to raise the curtain again and show more specifically how different individuals within Talisen play a crucial role in the life and success of Talisen.

Recently, we chatted with Assistant Project Manager Christopher Yanaranop to share some insight on his favorite project, tools for advancing Talisen processes, and even video gaming!

Christopher is no stranger to the construction world. With his architectural background, he has been able to provide insight into a wide range of projects by applying his knowledge and experience to several Talisen projects. This former Eagle Scout is passionate about streamlining the Talisen processes for the better by using technologies such as ProCore and Smartbid to assist with producing quality projects—safely, on time, and within budget.

“Smartbid has become a productivity tool that is highly necessary with what we do.”


As a self-proclaimed video gamer, his favorite Talisen project by far is the Video Game Studio they completed at the Pratt Institute. He highlights how his hobby has given him skills that have enhanced his career. “Video gaming has assisted with my professional work.” Through his gaming experience, he has learned to take those skills and apply them to his work every day. Soft skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving and strategic planning have been beneficial in Christopher’s professional career at Talisen.

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