Talisen LinkedIn Webinar Takeaways

LinkedIn is continually in the news these days.  Forbes recently revealed LinkedIn to be the most popular and trusted social networking site for executives and LinkedIn’s own Editor just stated in the New York Times that “My personal goal is that within the next six months, no one in the business world starts their day without knowing what’s trending on LinkedIn.”

LinkedIn has become more and more critical to businesses in helping professionals connect with potential clients and in developing personal and work relationships. This is true for many industries and in particular for construction and real estate professionals. For this reason, we decided to offer a webinar highlighting the advantages of using this very useful networking site.

Jennifer Shaheen, President and CEO of Technology Therapy Group led this interactive webinar detailing the advantages of using this essential professional networking site.

Talisen’s LinkedIn webinar included:

The benefits of creating and maintaining LinkedIn Company pages for your Construction or Real Estate company

  • A detailed step-by-step demonstration explaining how to create a LinkedIn Company page
  • Reviewing the analytics of your company followers
  • Best practices for LinkedIn company pages & profiles
  • The importance of creating a social policy for your organization
  • Tips to help your team members develop their optimum LinkedIn profile

To review the slides and download the video from the presentation click here.