Talisen Donated Our N95 Masks to Healthcare Workers: Can You Do the Same?

As you may have seen, we are taking proactive steps and precautions to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). In times like these, it’s important that we all band together and do our part to contribute to the greater good. Right now, that need is for healthcare workers tending to those who are ill.

This past week Vice President Pence, as the lead on the Coronavirus Task Force requested that all non-healthcare related businesses that have stock of N95 masks donate their supply to local hospitals/healthcare facilities. While Talisen only had a very small supply, we donated a box of 20 masks to a local healthcare provider.

Indeed, the facts and what we see on television every night is concerning and we all want to take every precaution necessary to protect ourselves, our families, and our colleagues. However, there is a legitimate and urgent need for the healthcare workers who are diligently responding to this crisis (and who are at the greatest risk).

As an ecosystem that helps physically build better futures for those around us, please consider donating your N95 masks today to a local healthcare provider/facility. It will help flatten the curve.

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