Talisen Construction Corporation: Construction Management and General Contractor. KAO Goldwell, 22 Little West 12th Street, New York. Pre-design. Hardwood floors with a cris-crossed design appearing on the floors. Black hair salon chairs appear in front of interspersed mirror partitions.


Why do you need a company to help with pre-design? By pulling your team together in the beginning, you are assured to have an integrated, coordinated design. By hiring Talisen as your construction firm at this preliminary phase, we will work with you to identify your vision and the hidden costs of your project, saving you time, money and frustration.

Field Surveys


  • On site walk-thru
  • Inventory pre-existing conditions
  • Evaluation of core, shell and slab
  • Evaluation of building facilities; Mechanicals, Electrical and Plumbing (MEPs)
  • Photos and documentation

  • Find potential hidden costs early on
  • Reduce potential change orders in the future
  • Compare lease options from a constructability standpoint

Pre-concept Budgeting


  • Preliminary trade cost breakdown
  • Estimated timeline of schedules
  • Early evaluation of existing conditions

  • Negotiating lease space and work letters
  • Budget proposal for internal approvals
  • Creates a framework for your architect
  • Provides early evaluation of how existing conditions will effect costs

Project Mapping


  • Recommendation on project delivery options
  • Recommendation on potential team partners; Architects, Designers and Engineers
  • Timeline development for planning purposes
  • Itemizing potential long-lead time items

  • Save time in the planning process
  • Develop key relationships early in the process
  • Guidance for what you will need and when
  • Identifies high risk schedule impact items

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