A construction firm doesn’t design your vision; we build your dream design. But involving a construction firm during this phase can help you reduce your cost and increase efficiency. By being a part of this crucial phase, recommendations will be offered without compromise to the overall vision.

Field Surveys


  • On site walk-thru
  • Inventory pre-existing conditions
  • Evaluation of core, shell and slab
  • Evaluation of building facilities; Mechanicals, Electrical and Plumbing (MEPs)
  • Photos & documentation

  • Find potential hidden costs from a constructability standpoint
  • Reduce change order contingencies

Design Budgeting


  • Preliminary trade cost & scope breakdowns
  • Estimate timeline in schedule

  • Re-verification of budget from pre-design phase
  • Identify trade-off items for your architect/designer’s consideration

Design Team Partnering


  • Involvement in design Charrettes
  • Assist to coordinate filings for issuance of permit
  • Assist with design development from a constructability standpoint

  • Trade-off approach based on cost budgets
  • Mitigate risk from potential constructability challenges
  • Mitigate risk on cost and schedule

Value Engineering


  • Provide constructive alternatives without compromise to client’s requirements and architect’s design
  • Provide long-lead time alternatives

  • Save on cost
  • Save time

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