From the outside, construction looks, sounds and feels chaotic. With the right construction firm at the helm, the daily stresses that arise are easily handled, helping take the weight off your shoulders. Your firm will be there to coordinate and handle the challenges so you don’t have to worry.

Project Management


  • Assembling all team members
  • Setting expectation & reviewing schedule
  • Developing the protocol of recurring meetings and methods of communication
  • A secure online client project area for real-time access to all job documentation, developments and minutes

  • Clear & accountable actions to team member individuals
  • Reduces the “blame game” if things go wrong
  • Ability to access up-to date information on all aspects of the job to present to management 24/7

Onsite Supervision


  • Day-to-day field supervision & general condition services
  • Daily logs on activity and progress
  • Safety management
  • Real-time trade coordination and elevation of unresolved issues

  • Consistent updates on progress for reporting development to key stakeholders
  • Reduces and mitigates potential liabilities
  • Drives efficient and accountable operations to keep within budget & schedule

Back-office Project Administration


  • Purchasing
  • Maintaining procurement submittals & turnarounds
  • Management of insurance & waiver’s of lien
  • Follow-up on critical lead-time items
  • Requisition process
  • Progress reporting
  • Managing addendums, Bulletins, change-orders and RFIs
  • Documenting Site Safety Reports

  • Full documentation enables timely closeout procedures
  • Keeps operations on schedule
  • Mitigation of risks

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