Reducing the Impact of Change Orders During the Renovation Project

Reducing the Impact of Change Orders During the Renovation Project

While change orders inevitably happen, there are ways to minimize their impact on your renovation project. Change orders are usually associated with costly changes, extensive schedule delays, and confusion. However, if handled properly, change orders can be dealt with promptly and swiftly so that their impact is contained and reduced without causing conflict between the client and the builder.

Why Change Orders Occur

Many change orders happen due to design mistakes or added scope of work. However, several change orders can expedite and enhance the process. For example, change orders can also allow for revisiting certain aspects of the project where efficiencies or unique problem-solving methods have been applied. Rather than adding work, work is sometimes deleted from the project, thus expediting the schedule for completion.

Why Are Change Orders Important

Keeping change orders in the forefront of your mind before and during the pre-construction phase is the best way to reduce any potential negative impact of change orders. It's good practice to account for change orders by allowing a 5-10% contingency plan in your budget. Our Talisen team helps avoid costly mistakes by having our project managers act as our estimators. Since the project manager is intimately familiar with all nuances of the project, and has the foresight of what the construction process will be like, they are able to help guide our clients in making decisions with change orders regarding materials and products.

Avoiding Confusion with Change Orders

Keeping in line with that same thinking, following our bid-buy-build approach, and having one point of contact for the entire job will help avoid confusion when enacting a change order. As part of our transparent model, we ensure that all change orders are communicated immediately to the rest of the team to avoid any continuation of work that needs to be addressed and changed. We also discuss all implications a change order may have across the board to all involved stakeholders so that everyone is aligned and on the same page about new milestones, costs, and completion dates.

At Talisen, we have a unique approach to managing and effectively completing construction projects. We approach and handle change orders in the same way. Being client-centric, communicative, and adaptive allows our team members to help guide our clients through the change order process and reduce the trickle effect they could have on the rest of the project.

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