Northwell Health: 600 Community Drive Parking Lot Expansion & Entrance

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Northwell Health: 600 Community Drive Parking Lot Expansion & Entrance

Talisen Construction proudly partnered with repeat client Northwell Health for a significant parking lot expansion and entryway project at their Manhasset facility on Long Island. Tasked with transforming the existing parking lot and entrance at 600 Community Drive, Talisen and Paul Jacob Hill Architecture & Design, LLC embraced the challenge to create a space that not only prioritized functionality but also left a lasting positive impression.

The Build

The scope of the project was extensive, involving a complete demolition of the existing parking lot. Talisen’s dedicated team then focused on grading, leveling, and paving to ensure optimal functionality and accessibility. The commitment to excellence extended beyond the parking lot, encompassing a comprehensive transformation of the landscaping to enrich the visual appeal of the surroundings.

Enhancements Beyond Parking

In addition to the parking lot expansion, Talisen undertook a series of thoughtful refinements to elevate the overall experience at 600 Community Drive. The side entrance received meticulous renovations, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality, while the front entryway underwent a remarkable makeover that featured custom lighting installations for a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

What We Did

  • Complete demo of existing parking lot
  • Grading, leveling, and paving
  • Landscaping transformation
  • Side entrance renovations
  • Front entryway makeover with custom lighting

Project Outcome

The end result of this collaborative endeavor is a parking lot and entrance area that goes beyond the functional – it’s a welcoming space that reflects Northwell Health’s dedication to providing a high-quality first impression for everyone visiting 600 Community Drive.

Client Focus: Northwell Health

Northwell Health stands at the forefront of providing exceptional healthcare services, driven by a commitment to innovation, compassion, and community well-being. As a repeat client, Northwell Health entrusted Talisen Construction with the expansion project at 600 Community Drive, a testament to the successful collaborations and shared commitment to excellence.

Experience Excellence with Talisen Construction

At Talisen, we don’t just build structures; we craft environments that leave a lasting impact. Our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and attention to detail ensures that each project, like the expansion at Northwell Health’s 600 Community Drive, becomes a showcase of quality and client satisfaction.

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