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Molloy University: 50 Broadway

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Molloy University: 50 Broadway

In the bustling heart of Manhattan’s Financial District, Talisen Construction collaborated with Loci Architecture to orchestrate a remarkable transformation for Molloy University’s Manhattan Center at 50 Broadway in the Financial District. This project was a harmonious blend of innovation and dedication, bringing to life an upgraded dance studio that signifies a new era of enriched learning experiences for Molloy students.

The Build: Crafting an Enriched Educational Environment

The build called for Talisen to breathe new life into Molloy University by revamping its dance studio and surrounding areas. The endeavor encompassed a spectrum of meticulously executed tasks that aimed to elevate both the aesthetic and functionality of the spaces.

What We Did:

  • Updated MEPs
  • New flooring, ceiling, and lighting
  • Mirror installation
  • New flooring, doors, paint, and artwork in corridors and common spaces

The project’s centerpiece was Molloy’s updated dance studio, which received a comprehensive overhaul. We installed new flooring which was specifically selected to withstand the rigorous demands of dance while ensuring the safety and comfort of the dancers. Additionally, we updated the ceilings and the facility’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems (MEPs), as well as introduced lighting solutions and strategically-placed mirrors that illuminate the studio and optimize every angle for performers to visualize their movements with precision. This thoughtful addition transforms the space into a sanctuary where dancers can refine their art and push the boundaries of their skills. 

Beyond the studio’s confines, Talisen extended its craftsmanship to the corridors and common areas surrounding Molloy’s dance space. New flooring, doors, freshly painted walls, and captivating artwork combine to create a cohesive atmosphere that complements the studio’s transformative energy.

About Molloy University: A Nexus of Excellence

Molloy University is a private university originally founded in Long Island nearly 70 years ago. Today, the institution stands as a beacon of academic excellence, and its 50 Broadway campus is a testament to its commitment to providing exceptional education in the heart of Manhattan. With a legacy spanning nearly 70 years, Molloy University has consistently upheld its dedication to fostering a holistic learning environment that prepares students for success in a dynamic world.

Elevating Education Through Collaboration

The collaboration between Talisen Construction, Loci Architecture, and Molloy University exemplifies the power of a shared journey toward excellence, encapsulating the ethos of collaboration, innovation, and the pursuit of educational distinction. To browse additional projects from our repertoire of education clients, click here.

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