Philip Scandariato and Stephanie Rudman Join Talisen Construction Corp

Duo to Serve as Business Unit Director, Director of Business Development

Phil Scandariato joins the Talisen team with nearly two decades’ experience managing multi-million-dollar commercial construction projects with Skanska. Phil is well-equipped to serve as one of Talisen’s three Business Unit Directors, with vast experience in infrastructure, corporate interiors, and healthcare projects for clients such as LaGuardia Airport, IBM, and Mount Sinai Healthcare System.

Stephanie Rudman, Director of Business Development

Phil Scandariato, Business Unit Director

As a Business Unit Director with Talisen, Mr. Scandariato manages the bid/buy/build process with a team of astute Project Managers and Assistant Project Managers. He plays an integral part in growing, mentoring, and training Talisen’s project teams in the areas of operations, processes, and company philosophy.

Stephanie Rudman joins Talisen as Director of Business Development subsequent to an impressive career beginning and maintaining strong relationships for some of New York City’s most well-known commercial construction firms serving the commercial interior, healthcare, education and new building markets. In addition to maintaining existing client relationships, Ms. Rudman has a leading role in continuing Talisen’s growth.

Talisen looks forward to continuing along our mission statement with the help of Phil and Stephanie. Welcome to the team!