Office Renovation Trends: Air Filtration

As we inch closer to the pandemic’s end, much has been discussed regarding how to return to normal. For office buildings and office renovations this could mean the inclusion of technologies that have become mainstream over the last 15 months. As businesses begin to reopen and office spaces begin to allow employees back, employee health is a top concern. What are some of the construction and renovation trends that will help facilitate employee health?

Air Filtration Systems Will Become More Common

Healthway Air Filtration has been a leader in both residential and commercial air filtration systems for over 30 years. With Healthway’s state-of-the-art Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) (developed alongside the United States government), commercial office spaces can expect up to 99% of pathogens to be either trapped or eliminated by germicidal technology.

Hardware such as the Healthway 2000 SC Self-Contained can be retrofitted to existing HVAC systems or installed as stand-alone units. These units not only purify the air and remove pathogens, but they are energy efficient and effective.

When planning a new office construction or renovation these air filtration systems will become a priority for the safety and welfare of the employees that will occupy the workspaces. The pandemic has taught us the necessity of being prepared and what the consequences are when not. Implementing this knowledge within the design plans of any new construction will become commonplace over the next few years.

Hidden Benefits of Air Filtration in a Workspace Environment

Increased Productivity

When employees are getting sick, they are less productive. Air filtration systems will purify the air, removing germs and pathogens that can cause sickness. Also, with cleaner air employees will feel more rejuvenated and energetic throughout the day. This just helps the bottom line!

Elimination of Odors

Odors can come from all manner of places in an office or workspace. Garbage cans, kitchens, microwaves, cleaning products; they can all be a source of odors that can be distracting and irritating.  Air filtration systems can remove the annoyance of odors and keep the workplace smelling great.

Allergy Relief

Allergy season can be disruptive in many ways. Tree pollen, dust, and pet dander are the biggest culprits. Having an air filtration system will reduce many of these airborne allergy triggers, making the workplace a better place for allergy-suffering employees.

Removal of Pathogens

This is the big one, and the main reason so many renovations and new commercial construction projects are incorporating state-of-the-art filtration technology into design plans. The 2020 pandemic saw most of the world’s office buildings empty out due to lockdowns and social-distancing measures brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Filtration systems such as the commercial products manufactured by Healthway can trap and eliminate pathogens before they start spreading to the workforce.

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