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NYC Construction Management Spotlight: Going Green on a Budget

PLaNYC - Reducing NYC's greenhouse gases

The PlaNYC Law & Value Engineering

In September, NYC celebrated Climate Week. This is a time to celebrate the achievements the city has made in reducing greenhouse gases. The recently enacted PLaNYC law was designed to facilitate a significant reduction in greenhouse gases. The goal is to achieve a 30 percent reduction by 2017.

If you’re a developer, property owner, or site manager, PLaNYC affects you. Reducing the city’s greenhouse gas levels is a task being put squarely on the NYC construction industry’s shoulders. Existing structures contribute an estimated 75% of New York’s carbon emissions, and it is these buildings that make up over 80 percent of all available NYC real estate.

Any construction or renovation to an existing structure must now be in compliance with PLaNYC standards. This means that tenant fit outs, new interior construction, and all other renovations must meet new, stringent environmental standards. During Climate Week celebrations, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg noted that loopholes developers and building owners had been using to skirt around energy efficiency requirements were now closed.

Is it possible to have a complex NYC construction management project come in on time, on budget, and in compliance with all environmental regulations?

The answer is yes – but only if you work with an experienced NYC construction management firm that has familiarity and expertise in LEED building and Value Engineering.

Building Green, On A Budget

The top construction companies in NYC started changing their operations to incorporate green building technology long before PLaNYC came into effect. It was clear that greener buildings, including LEED compliant projects, offered the greatest client satisfaction. Building owners and property managers benefitted from the lower operating costs of LEED certified buildings. Over time, going green offered a greater return on investment for property owners than more traditional construction methods.

It is the combination of NYC specific green building expertise and value engineering that results in what property owners want the most: high value, top quality, desirable rental spaces built in compliance with all environmental regulation, on time and on budget.

Value Engineering is the art and science of strategically leveraging your NYC construction management company’s existing network of resources, connections, and expertise. As this pertains to green building, value engineering has several benefits, including working with a company that has access to multiple sourcing streams for LEED-certified materials, established working relationship with contractors expert in green building practices, and a thorough knowledge of relevant PLaNYC requirements to streamline the permitting and approval process.

NYC has made remarkable progress toward meeting ambitious goals. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from existing buildings will lower the city’s carbon footprint, ultimately benefitting all of us. Property owners and building managers who bring their buildings into compliance while enjoying the aggressive cost containment strategies of value engineering will enjoy increased profitability. You can have a green building, built on a budget, in NYC!