Making The New Year Count: Streamlining Your Goals

Ah. 2016, we made it! As we move into another new year it’s a great practice to sit back and assess how last year went. What did/didn’t go our way, why/why not, and what can be done to improve in the new year. This year, Talisen accomplished many wonderful things with many wonderful people in the field of construction management and general contracting. Although we are always identifying new ways to improve, it’s important for us to acknowledge what we have accomplished, and express our gratitude to our collaborators and clients. Since January is National Mentoring Month, we thought we would take a look at how assessing one’s own work can end up being the most important and productive part of the day (and year). Be sure to read through to catch an exciting update from the Talisen camp this year!

Learning from the Mirror

Recently, a study published by the Harvard Business School showed that reflecting on your actions is perhaps the most vital part of any learning process. The research tested individuals working for a global company over the course of the summer months. The participants were split up into three groups: those who reflected on their work for 15 minutes each day, those who simply worked, and those who shared their work and methods with others. In fact, the study found that reflecting on one’s own methods of work led to a productivity increase of more than 20 percent, with an additional 5 percent for those who shared their methods!

talisen-2016 goals list

When we came across the study, we found it interesting because of its relevance to some of our own job processes. Throughout the course of each of our projects we take the time to inspect our work and share ideas about what can be done better the next time. Coordinating and providing feedback on the overall success of a project throughout our entire team helps to establish the best practices for future projects and improve upon our current ones. Recently, it looks like science agrees, so we definitely plan on continuing that reflection process!

Being Mindful of Your New Goals

In addition to the Harvard study, several other reports show that the practice of mindfulness, similar to the reflection practice used in the Harvard study, is linked to increased levels of grey matter in the brain (science talk: grey matter is the most neuron-rich tissue of the brain and is vital in pretty much all of your brain’s functions, from decision-making to sensory perception). In this case, mindfulness could be responsible for improving job performance, productivity, and efficiency. However, taking some more physically concrete actions is certainly advantageous as well. Experts agree that writing down each significant step in the new process and checking it off as time passes will help to stay on track.

Goals concept on blackboard

These processes mirror some of the steps taken at each job site building project. Keeping a schedule, holding oneself and others accountable, and assessing the project as it moves forward sound unusually like the expert advice that many coaches and mentors give their subjects day after day. So when you’re considering a New Year’s Resolution, take a few extra minutes to think about what you’d like to accomplish. Track your progress along the way and make the necessary changes as you proceed. There will surely be bumps along the way but before you know it you’ll be seeing measurable results for your New Year’s Resolution in 2016!

Our 2016 Goal: Charity Ride for Autism

In 2016, several Talisen employees, as well as friends & family, will be looking forward to completing Bike to the Beach. The event consists of a 100 mile cycling event from New York City to Westhampton and benefits Autism Speaks in an effort to continue raising awareness for the cause.

Autism is a developmental disorder that closely affects many in the Talisen circle. For years we have worked closely with Autism Speaks in raising awareness for individuals and families that are touched by Autism, including our CEO Joseph Rigazio’s son. This year, our goal is to raise $25,000 dollars for the event by the time our riders leave the starting line on June 10th.

We realize that this is a high goal, but at Talisen we aim to hit our goals every time! Please complete the form below, or click on the Bike to the Beach icon to check out the Team Talisen page, if you are interested in helping us. Any contribution whatsoever makes a huge difference. Be sure to look out for updates along the way on how we are doing! We appreciate your help!