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A Healthy Work Environment

A Healthy Work Environment is Key to Success

Corporate Office Interior Construction for a Productive Professional Environment

Utilizing corporate interior space wisely creates an environment that fosters concentration, creativity, learning, communication and collaboration – the building blocks of productivity. Architects take this into careful consideration when designing the space initially, but as businesses grow and change, maintaining this healthy, productive work environment sometimes requires making physical changes to your interior office space.

This presents the challenge of altering within an occupied space. How do you keep your office running and your employees comfortable while the space undergoes renovation?

Increased noise, mechanical shut downs, construction debris and dust, changes in egress, and safety and fire hazards are some concerns when corporate office interior renovations are announced. But with the proper plan in place, a corporate interior construction project can be successful and stress-free for employees, adjacent tenants, building staff and management.

Work in Phases.

When building in an occupied space, coordination is key. An experienced construction manager will know how to correctly stage your project for minimal disruption. Creating and adhering to a detailed phasing schedule for operations that works around the office’s working schedule will ensure smooth, successful operations for all those affected. When you work in stages as a cohesive team, your interior renovation will be a success, and office employees won’t be disrupted of their daily routine.

For example, when banks undergo construction, most of the work is done after normal working hours and on weekends. This ensures that the bank can still run smoothly while getting the proper renovations it needs to improve.

However, many jobs can be completed more cost effectively if given the room to stage the project in multiple phases through normal working hours. A good, experienced contractor will know how to coordinate and accomplish this.

Open the Channels of Communication.

Proper communication with your employees is crucial in creating a healthy, stress-free and productive professional atmosphere. When planning a project, open the floor to employee ideas. By allowing them to voice their concerns, concepts or needs and integrating them into your renovation plans, you will start the project off right and ensure employee collaboration.

As the office building renovation gets underway, keep the lines of communication open:

  • Let employees know of any high-traffic area egress changes
  • Alert employees ahead of time when mechanical work will take place or affect their daily operations
  • Ensure them that construction debris will be kept at a minimum with proper protection (barriers) and increased cleaning services
  • Keep employees up to date on the interior renovation’s progress schedule, especially when entering a new phase of the project

Create Your Own Formula for Success.

Construction projects don’t all fit one traditional mold – sometimes, unconventional working relationships are necessary to get a project done quickly and successfully while keeping a staff on-board. Personalized plans of action can help both sides of the project work to their strengths and be most effective.

Talisen Construction Corp recently completed a construction project that didn’t follow the traditional GC/CM relationship. CBI-Connect, a fast-growing IT services company, needed to add both office and data center space with minimal disruption and within a tight schedule.

CBI president Craig A. Bueker, being an engineer, was able to take on a larger role in the design and build process. Talisen came on initially in a limited trade scope but after working closely with Mr. Bueker, the relationship quickly evolved to Talisen as GC and consultant and Mr. Bueker as CM.

Talisen provided insight, advice and coaching so Mr. Bueker could anticipate issues, keep costs low, cut down construction time and keep employee disruption to a minimum. The relationship, while unconventional, was the right one to get the job done while keeping CBI a productive, positive professional environment.

To learn more about how Talisen Construction Corp can help transform your office space into a productive work environment, click here or request a proposal for your next project today.