The Beginner’s Guide to Succeeding in the Construction Industry

Proven Methods for Succeeding in the Construction Industry

Succeeding in the construction industry can be quite a challenge. Often times it requires extensive hours, extreme dedication, and a high level of knowledge. As such, Hays  has put together a report to help those hungry for success along their journey.

We are excited to announce Joseph Rigazio’s feature in the 2016 Hay’s VP of Construction Report. The report is available here and outlines how successful construction leaders have found their stride.

Talisen CEO, Joseph Rigazio, was featured in this years Hay's DNA of a VP of Construction Report.

Joe contributed to the report using his knowledge and expertise in construction, business operations, management, and customer service relations. In fact, the report went hand in hand with an event that we attended recently. Held by Professional Women in Construction (PWC), the session focused on mentorship, and gathered experienced advisers throughout many stages of their careers.

Here’s some key takeaways from both, so that you can quickly increase the trajectory of your career in construction:

1. Improve upon key “leadership” skills

So often people mention “leadership” skills without explaining what that means. Technical skills and know-how are incredibly important. Without them, how could you do your job properly? But becoming a key company “influencer” requires leading a team in many different aspects of a project. One point reiterated throughout the Hay’s Report is the importance of strong listening skills.

Joe Rigazio says, “Active listening is critical so that the person you are communicating with knows that you care. First make sure you understand what others are trying to tell you, then articulate your message clearly and concisely to avoid misunderstandings. Practicing exercises to increase your communication skills is a crucial part of developing your leadership skill set.

Professional Women in Construction Mentorship program presents tips on succeeding in the construction industry.

Professional Women in Construction sponsor a mentorship program.

2. Know your company and how to add value

Understanding the way that your company works, especially the specific role of all the members of your team is a great method for succeeding in the construction industry. One of the best ways to accomplish this as a young professional is to seek out a mentor within your organization that is specifically adept at skills in which you need help with. For example, do you need help learning how to network? Reach out to one of the top communicators in your firm, perhaps you possess a skill that they would like to improve in!

3. Align your goals with those of the company

When looking for a career, or trying to develop your current one, take the time to ask yourself: “Do my goals align with the company?” Define what you would like to achieve in your current position, align yourself with the company goals, and assess if the combination is a good fit. Embrace your company’s values to the fullest. If they align closely with yours, that’s a great way to put yourself in a position of leadership!

Take a further look at the Hay’s report  and check out the next PWC event for great tips on how to find a mentor and how to advance your career development!