Construction Superintendent: Mark Greenfield

Get to Know Talisen: Field Superintendent

At Talisen, our people are our core. Day in, and day out, every member of the Talisen team gives their all to make sure that we’re building the safest and highest quality projects in New York. Our field superintendent’s do this hands-on every day at the job site. Assisting with drawings, coordinating subcontractors, and planning the next phases of the project all fall within their duties. Quite frankly, a project could not advance without their expertise.

Mark Greenfield has been a construction superintendent with Talisen for 5 years and has always made it his mission to delight Talisen’s clients with a quality project delivered on time, within budget, and according to the highest safety standards.

As a young boy Mark was introduced to the construction industry by his stepfather, who owned a demolition company and eventually got into the contracting business. And so it went that from the time he was able to swing a hammer Mark wanted to be a construction superintendent.

Construction Superintendent: Mark Greenfield

When it was time to head to college, Mark decided to study Construction Technologies and continue gaining knowledge towards becoming a construction superintendent. Ever since then he has spent the majority of his life at a job site bringing projects from the framework phase to completion. Mark says, “whatever problems or challenges may occur throughout the course of a project are inevitable; always being prepared with a contingency plan for any scenario is part of being a collaborative member of the team and leading a safe and successful project”.

Working on some of our most high profile projects, Mark’s dedication to the Talisen mission statement has been unwavering. A lengthy history in construction and a willingness to do what it takes to get the job done has made Mark a valuable member of the Talisen Team, we think you should get to know him! What better way than to experience what it’s like than to walk a day in his shoes.


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