office workers standing in reception area with mentor

Mentor Materials: Talisen Shadow-Day!

Just a few weeks back Talisen was thrilled to host our first-ever Shadow Day! Part of Professional Women in Construction’s Mentor program. Kristy Tougas, an intern and current Architecture Major at Columbia University joined us for the day to gain some first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to work in the Construction Management/General Contracting Industry. Not only did Kristy learn a lot about what it was like to work at Talisen, but Talisen learned a lot from her! Check out our list of the top 3 lessons to be learned from hosting a mentorship program:

  • Build Projects That Inspire

Have you ever noticed the look of wonder on a child’s face the first time they see a new animal? In most cases, their eyes light up, a big smile stretches across their face, and you know that something is happening inside of them. Whether a novice or a seasoned veteran, the best feeling for many is the inspiration to create something new.

Although an Architecture major, Kristy became inspired to pursue a career in Construction because she was inspired by the building process itself. In fact she is not alone at Talisen; one of our own Project Managers, Jerry Belfiore, followed that same path from Architecture to Construction to Project Management due to a similar inspiration. It may be cliche, but following what inspires you is definitely a key to a fulfilling career, as evidenced by those in both the beginning and later stages of their career.

office workers standing in reception area

Kristy Tougas joins a few members of the Talisen Team for Shadow Day!

  • Share Your Knowledge and Passion

Joe Tait, Talisen’s General Superintendent, had the pleasure of showing Kristy around a few of our job sites and was thrilled to share his passion for the built environment. Whether a sleekly designed staircase, a high-end medical office building, or a fashion retail storefront, Joe enjoyed being able to transfer some key tips of knowledge to someone so receptive to learning, even if it was as simple as “always make sure that your materials will fit in the freight elevator”.

  • Embrace Every Step of The Process

    Whether a mentor or a mentee, a journey towards new frontiers is inevitable. We learned that being a mentor is just as much of a learning process as being a mentee. Making our processes as simple, effective, and efficient as possible is a goal we are always striving for in order to better serve our clients. Being involved in a Shadow Day helped reinforce the need for inspiration, efficiency, and simplicity in everything that we do.

Our first Shadow Day at Talisen was certainly a success and as much of a learning experience for us as it was for Kristy. We wish Kristy the best of luck in her career and would like to thank her for coming by and sharing her incredible passion, intelligence, and personality with the entire Talisen Team. A big thank you to Professional Women in Construction for making us a part of their mentorship program! It was an invaluable experience that we look forward to hosting more often.