A Different Kind of Scaffolding


The design for the Bike to the Beach 2016 jersey is in and it looks great! We’d like to thank the folks at Bike to the Beach for including Talisen in the design. In today’s world where time is always a factor, schedules are looming, and deadlines are approaching–this is exactly the kind of event that Talisen’s personnel can thrive in. Not only because it requires making the most efficient use of time, but because of the need for a well-engineered plan. One way to accomplish that is through a method called scaffolding.

B2B Jersey

Dedicating your time and effort to achieve riding 100 miles from NYC to Westhampton is a serious commitment. It’s also a great time to talk about scaffolding. You may be asking yourself, why are we talking about scaffolding in relation to a bike race?

Good question. Most of us know that scaffolding in construction most commonly refers to a temporary structure that allows workers to labor at different levels while building or repairing a structure.

In the alternate definition, scaffolding is the offering of support as needed when learning a new task. For example, Bike to the Beach uses rest stops as scaffolding to help you achieve your goal.

Have you started your training plan yet?

After meeting with Ben, Max, and Sean at Bike to the Beach we learned that the majority of participants finish the race. Whether they’re on a mountain bike or a racing bike, whether it takes 5 hours or 10 hours, those with the proper dedication and proper scaffolding will finish the race and accomplish an incredible goal.

Bike to the Beach is about endurance, but it’s also about achieving something greater than yourself at a pace that works for you. It’s truly a great model for learning anything new. So you can see, breaking down large tasks into smaller, more specific goals greatly improves the likelihood for success.

In our mission to achieve new levels of client advocacy in the construction industry, we routinely use this tactic ourselves when providing our clients with premier construction services. Depending on what is needed out of a project we aim to provide the proper scaffolding to get there, whether it’s an architect recommendation, or an outpatient center build plan. So when you’re training for Bike to the Beach on June 10th, just remember… scaffolding. It works.

Join Team Talisen on June 10th as we ride from Battery Park to Westhampton in the 2016 Bike to the Beach. Our efforts benefit Autism Speaks and several other local autism awareness organizations.