Did Covid Help in Illuminating New Lighting System Possibilities?

With Covid still up in the air (literally), not many people are feeling all that great about needing to go back into the office ‘for real’ soon. True, the worst of it does seem to be over, but news about potential new strains of the virus has left many feeling uneasy. Because of this, Covid has shone a light on a major issue, pandemics, viruses, and germs that are SO easily transmitted from person to person. And where do you see most of the people you interact with? Offices and schools.

Due to the continued rising concern for protection against possible pandemics, some have taken the initiative to find new ways to prevent this from happening. Namely, Brainlit AB, a Sweden-based company. They’re responsible for creating BioCentric Lighting, the very first of its’ kind. And as of March 2021, it is now available to the US public.

Brainlit Offers a New Solution for Protection Against Viruses & Germs

What makes Brainlit lighting systems so special? SO different? Their BioCentric Lighting suite includes their Uven System. This combines the logic and sensor data with UV-C functionality for the first time. But what does that even mean? And what in the world is UV-C lighting?

The Benefits of UV-C Lighting in the Workplace

UV-C functionality is, simply put, technology that allows UV lights to also disinfect the air from germs and pathogens such as COVID-19. This makes the air in places like schools and offices much cleaner and safer. Covid has taught the world that the possibility of a pandemic sweeping the globe is real, so precautionary measures are now being taken to stay as safe as possible. Brainlit has imagined and introduced a revolutionary way to stay safe from viruses through its lighting systems.

The technology in the Uven Brainlit lighting system recognizes activity through motion sensors, allowing the system to safely disinfect the area from germs, pathogens, and viruses such as Covid when no one is around. If there’s any motion at all, the system switches the UV-C functionality off instantaneously yet ensuring the BioCentric Lighting remains on. It will only resume disinfection of the air once the area is unoccupied, keeping everyone safe.

The Possibilities That Brainlit Uven Lighting Systems Provide

Though begrudgingly, students and employees will have to physically return to their place of learning/work- but with UV-C functionality AND BioCentric lighting, this may not actually be so bad. In fact, this new technology may even have significant and positive impact on America’s recovery. If embraced, this really can help Americans feel safe to go to work, to school, to go out to eat to ‘go back to normal.’ But this new normal can be a safer especially with the help of Brainlit’s Uven BioCentric Lighting systems and systems like it who continue to find ways to make the world a safer and better place to live, learn and work.

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