Columbia college campus

Change for Good: Overcoming the Challenges Facing NYC Universities

COVID-19 has upended business as usual for NYC Colleges and Universities. It goes beyond public health considerations; these institutions now face myriad challenges that could permanently alter the higher education landscape.

Student Enrollment and State Funding is Declining

Moving traditional campus recruiting events to virtual settings and dealing with students’ and families’ shifting financial needs has put a strain on enrollment and student recruitment. Additionally, decreased state funding for public institutions and community colleges have reduced students’ services, putting significant pressure on institutions.

The Next Steps in the Higher Education Landscape

A well-rounded and practical approach that allows institutions to operate with more flexibility in the long term will help higher learning emerge with a stronger foundation and braces for challenges they face in the future. 

Change for Good

In NYC, universities face the challenges of limited space to expand, so thinking outside the box is imperative. 

— 01 —

Outfit classrooms and facilities with the latest technologies that support virtual learning. These technologies are critical to having a personalized and engaging learning experience.

— 02 —

Intelligent and efficient redesign and retrofits of existing assets are key to providing an empowering learning environment.

— 03 —

Create outdoor and shared spaces that focus on community and engagement.

— 04 —

Alterations to existing student housing that is outfitted with more space and an air filtration system will allow for social engagement among students.

Although the long-term impact of COVID-19 on higher education remains to be seen, it is clear that we are entering a new reality characterized by increased reliance on technology and elevated financial pressures on both students and institutions. Adopting and adapting to new strategies to address these challenges will help institutions find and focus on what is important—education.