Building Community: Talisen Gives Back

Building Community: Talisen Gives Back

New York City thrives because of its heroes. From healthcare workers making history on the frontlines to our teachers innovating new ways to emphasize the importance of education during a pandemic, Talisen has sought to be an accomplished partner to those making our city safe and strong.

Building Hope

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world for its diversity, arts, and architecture. At its heart, New York thrives because of its incredible people and the way we look out for each other. When times have gotten tough for New Yorkers, organizations like the Bowery Mission have been there to keep us going, serving the homeless and hungry and protecting our future through their NYC youth programs since the 1870s.

We had the privilege of serving meals to 315 people at the Bowery Mission a few years ago, and they continue to be a beacon of hope for the Talisen team and the rest of our community.

Another light in our lives is our annual ride as part of Bike to the Beach, an autism awareness event that brings funding and focus to autism research efforts. Over the years, we’ve been enormously fortunate to raise over $200,000 to the cause with Team Talisen.

Organizations like these rekindle our hope for a bright future and a better tomorrow.

Building Strength

It has been a year (or two) for unsung heroes. Our community has experienced a uniquely dichotomous challenge: We’ve had to keep our physical distance from one another yet come together creatively to support and nurture our collective health for the greater good. No small task there! Thankfully, we were able to do what Talisen does best to contribute – build structures that support advancement.

Our recent builds, including a Lynbrook office and an Ambulance hub for Northwell Health and healthcare facilities for Mount Sinai and NYU, enabled our local heroes in the hospital system to persist through the complex challenges of COVID. It’s a badge of honor for us that we were able to mount these facilities for the people who have made healing possible during uncertain times.

Going Strong & Giving Back

We remain grateful to the heroes of New York City. We are humbled by the courage and strength exhibited daily by the healthcare workers, teachers, volunteers, and organizations that bring a better New York to life. We look forward to more opportunities to say thank you in the new year!