5 Ways Talisen is Perfecting Processes in Company Culture

5 Ways Talisen is Transforming Internal Processes 


Here at Talisen, we know that in order to successfully transform our built environment, we must first transform ourselves. And so, we begin internally by pursuing perfection in our company processes.

Our pursuit of perfection applies to our internal processes in a few key ways…

— 01 —

We take an honest look at the experiences of our colleagues on a regular basis.

This includes receiving feedback from architects, engineers, and developers, our fellow builders and trade professionals, and the end users who inhabit the spaces we create. We remain agile in our operations and are ready to pivot as often as is necessary to make meaningful strides towards perfection. We also practice regular communication with our vendor partners and share our internal data with them to build high-value, lasting relationships, which, in turn, allows us to streamline our processes further.

— 02 —

We stay ahead of the latest innovative tools and technologies in our industry.

Aiming to be a leader in , Talisen utilizes a comprehensive approach – pairing the best open-API software packages together to provide a seamless experience for our clients. Such tools allow for close collaboration between specialties— a necessity that has become even more important in the more recent times of social distancing.

— 03 —

We observe cultures outside of our own.

Whether these cultures are digital, material, or the cultures of other forward-thinking organizations, we’re constantly looking for ways to grow and improve as a company. We welcome new ideas and suggestions with open minds as we strive to connect with other leaders in the AEC industry. Take our podcast, “Talisen Talk”, for example, where we chat with guests from collaborating fields such as real estate, healthcare, and technology.

— 04 —

We create internal teams dedicated to perfecting our processes.

Talisen recently started a Learning Implementation Team. “LIT” has been on a 6-month journey to create content relevant to training Talisen team members on internal processes, educating them with outside learning courses on relevant topics, and providing simple “how-to” videos on everyday basics about the company. Partnering with LinkedIn Learning’s platform of thousands of career development training resources, Talisen is excited to provide training resources for our employees to continue growing.

— 05 —

We focus on process innovation from “bottom up”.

Talisen holds bi-weekly operations meetings to assess current, improve existing, and create new processes. All project managers/APMs attend these meetings to have process innovations from “bottom up”. The leadership team then assesses and approves any changes to processes. Additionally, we hold bi-annual reviews for each employee to provide feedback to their manager and receive inputs on career development with HR.