5 Reasons to Update the Façade of Academic Buildings

True cornerstones of our society, educational institutions and their buildings play a vital role in shaping and determining a student’s learning experience. Schools, universities, and other institutions of learning serve as more than just physical structures; they represent and embody the values and beliefs of the institution. These structures must be well-maintained and updated regarding appearance, functionality, and safety.

The facade of the building is the first thing visitors, students, and faculty members see. A well-built and aesthetically pleasing facade creates a lasting impression and sets the tone and precedence for the learning environment. Students spend hundreds of hours within the walls of classrooms. Creating an environment that keeps them engaged in their learning and leans into their chosen course of study will increase their likelihood of retaining information and ensure that they feel proud every time they walk into the classroom. In addition to the students, creating an optimal environment for the professors to teach is crucial to students’ learning journey and their teachers’ success.

Here are five reasons why academic institutions should consider updating their buildings’ facades with Talisen :

Eye-catching designs for students and their work

A well-designed facade can significantly enhance the visual appeal of an educational building. A fresh coat of paint, new signage, or modern lighting fixtures can make a significant impact on the appearance of the building. An aesthetically pleasing facade can also create a sense of pride among students, faculty members, and visitors and foster a positive attitude toward the institution. This is especially so if the new facade incorporates points of pride such as school colors, mascots, or notable alums.

Create a safe and secure environment for all

The facade of an educational building plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors. A well-lit facade with clear signage and visible entrances and exits can prevent accidents, injuries, and crimes. Updating the facade with modern safety features such as bullet-resistant glass, security cameras, or anti-climb barriers can further enhance the security of the building.

Increase value

Upgrading the facade of an educational building can increase the property value and attract potential students or donors. In addition, an updated facade can help the institution attract more students, faculty members, and donors, enhancing its reputation and financial stability.

Improve energy efficiency

The facade of an educational building can significantly impact its energy efficiency. An outdated facade with poor insulation, leaky windows, or outdated HVAC systems can result in high energy bills, poor indoor air quality, and uncomfortable learning environments. Upgrading the facade with modern materials, such as insulated windows or green roofs, can improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of the building.

Showcase the institution’s values

The facade of an educational building can reflect the institution’s values, vision, and mission. For example, a school emphasizing sustainability can showcase its commitment by installing solar panels or a living wall. Similarly, a college highlighting diversity and inclusion can display artwork or murals celebrating different cultures and perspectives. An updated facade can visually represent the institution’s identity and enhance its branding and marketing efforts.

The Talisen Difference

Talisen has over a decade of experience in renovations from educational spaces to administrative to medical. Using our bid-buy-build method and our team of experienced professionals, we can give your building a transformed appearance that complies with all local and state safety and energy regulations to create a safer, more attractive environment. Check out the Gaming Studio we helped design and bring to life for Pratt Institute. At Talisen, we start with a client-centric approach and work with you to ensure that your vision on paper is what we bring to life in person, all while keeping your project on time and within budget.

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