In his role as Project Manager, Justin brings 10 years of construction experience. Justin’s key responsibilities include driving projects from estimate or budget phase through completion and close-out. This includes project estimation, project leveling, procurement, and execution. Justin is responsible for overseeing the overall success of the project — interfacing with the client, assigned Assistant Project Manager, Field Superintendent, and subcontractors to ensure that the client is delighted.

Justin enjoys bringing a project from conceptualization phase to completion, such as several Tory Burch projects where he played a key role in ensuring the project was completed a week in advance and within budget.

In his free time, Justin enjoys snowboarding and volleyball, along with the solitude, teamwork, and natural surroundings that these activities provide.


I enjoy building the project on paper and then seeing the end result once it's complete. The experience is very rewarding, especially when the client is excited with the outcome.

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